Phenomenal and Impressive Building Development Structure Coming Up in DHA City Karachi (DCK)

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is a unique residential cum commercial project being built at a galloping pace on Super Highway according to a versatile development strategy. The main focus of the fast track development activities going on in is Sector-3, the vanguard sector of DHA City. Another important project of DHA Oasis is being built in DCK Sector-1 which envisages construction of Farm Houses which are being developed as a marvel of superior architecture and extravagance that will change the concept of luxurious living in the country.

In Sector-3, a number of community / essential buildings are being built as per the highest engineering and construction standards. These include School, Healthcare Centre, Masjid, Commercial Building (mini mart) and buildings of social/community utility. The skeleton structures have cropped up on ground which are impressive while the grey completion of these buildings is being completed expeditiously. 2 x Model Farm Houses have been competed in Sector-1 while 44 Farm Houses are under construction and are being completed speedily.

The pace and quality of ongoing development work in DHA is simply phenomenal, impressive and reassuring. These magnificent development activities are promising which gives us a renewed confidence and hope that DCK will soon emerge on the horizon of the metropolis as a city of international stature. The Journey of Progress in DCK has been captured with the eyes of camera which is shown opposite in pictorial form.

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