Photography Picnic to Thatta/Kenjhar Lake by Talha Ghouri

Photography and Travelling, goes hands in hands.
The team at TALHA GHOURI PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL plans Professional Photo Excursions to remote localities in the country,ranging from a Photography Trip to MAKLI Ruins to Astro Photography Trip to NAGARPARKAR.​

Their One Day Photography Trip from KARACHI – BAMBHORE – MAKLI – THATTA – KENJHAR LAKE – KARACHI is super popular among students, travelers and photography enthusiasts equally. The day is full of fun, photography and ends up with a dip in refreshing Kenjhar Lake. ​

Date: Sunday, 25th August 2019
Timings: 6:15am – 10:00pm
Fees Deadline: Rs.3,000/- ( to be paid by 21st August 2019. Rs.3,500/- AFTER the deadline )
Event Link:

========= ITINERARY =========
06:15am They gather at the meetup point
07:00am SHARP they leave from the meetup point
07:45am Breakfast on National Highway
09:30am They reach BANBHORE, The first Sea Port of South Asia
10:30am They leave BANBHORE
11:30am They reach MAKLI GRAVEYARD, one of the oldest necropolises in the world
12:45pm They leave MAKLI
01:30pm They reach Thatta’s SHAH JAHAN MASJID, the Famous Masjid with 100 Domes
03:00pm They leave Shah Jahan Masjid
04:00pm They reach Kenjhar Lake, the largest man-made lake in Asia.
They do Boating / They take a Dip in there
05:30pm They leave Kenjhar
06:30pm They have late lunch
​09:30pm They reach Karachi

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