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Polio Eradication Campaign in DHA Karachi from 24th-27th October 2016

Polio in Pakistan still remains an endemic viral infection that continues to circulate and infect children; keeping every child under five years of age at great risk. This is a matter of due concern while polio eradication continues to be a national emergency with the renewed commitment of Government at all levels to eradicate it in all forms and manifestations.

DHA has joined hands with the government in furtherance of this great national cause by conducting polio eradication campaign starting from 24th Oct to 27th Oct in various areas of DHA with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. DHA Medical Centre paradoxically remains a permanent polio vaccination station of the area.


DHA Medical teams visited a network of DHA schools, parks and homes of DHA residents under elaborate protection provided by DHA Vigilance staff and administered polio drops to children under 5 years of age. The spirited mass vaccination campaign was conducted with immense zeal and enthusiasm to eradicate the menace of polio from the country in true letter and spirit. During the erstwhile campaign,

DHA Polio teams in harmony and collaboration with world Health Organization WHO (EPI Teams) and Govt of Sindh (Sadar Town) administered polio drops to approx 3300 children as verified and reported by UCMO Sindh Govt. The campaign had full support and patronage of DHA while Senior Medical Officer DHA personally supervised and led the polio eradication campaign with great fanfare.


The menace of Polio can easily be uprooted from Pakistan if its eradication campaign is taken as a challenge along-with visionary planning, will power and determination. It is a national cause which requires driving spirit and combined efforts of all stakeholders for carrying out immunization of children.

DHA has become a static centre of Sadar Town for EPI whereas children from DHA’s neighborhood and from Katchi Abadis in the vicinity constantly visit DHA Medical Centre for getting vaccinated free of cost throughout the year. DHA as a progressive corporate body with a vision for future gives utmost importance to the provision and promotion of healthcare facilities to the masses.

DHA accordingly has provided a dedicated space/area in the Medical Centre, refrigeration facilities for keeping bulk vaccines and other administrative facilities for the purpose. Vaccines are provided to DHA by EPI Saddar Town free of cost which are administered to children under expert supervision of DHA doctors/para medical teams. The Polio Teams carryout their campaign fearlessly in a safe and secure environment provided by DHA’s dedicated Vigilance Teams which is an important factor in successful conduct of polio eradication campaign.

The strength of a nation is dependent on the health and vitality of its people. A healthy nation is the key for building a progressive and prosperous country. It is imperative that we all join hands to uproot the menace of polio virus from the country in totality in quest for a happy future.

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