[Polling] DHA City Karachi (DCK) New Price Calculation Formula

DHA City Karachi (DCK) New Price Calculation Formula

DHA City Karachi (DCK) has been envisioned as ‘The First Sustainable City of Pakistan’, which will serve as a model for the future independent cities in the country and abroad. The aim has been to plan and build a city, which provides its citizens a safe, comfortable, efficient and beautiful lifestyle.

After almost five years of its launching (2009 to 2014) and particularly after the marketing campaign by DHA Karachi, now DCK is a very well known project of DHA Karachi. This kind of housing project already created successful examples in other part of the world, but in Karachi it is first time ever in the history that almost 40 kilometers from the city center a huge city is going to developed.

In the year 2009 when the project was launched and first time ever in the history of DHA Karachi, they also provided opportunity to civilians to participate in balloting and offered large quantity of plots to the civilians. Though there was difference in the price and payment schedule for Armed Forces and Civilians. DHA also catered its staff persons and give them plots in different benefit structures.

In DCK there are many categories of plot with different payment plans and for the price calculation we have to follow the payment plans. Ongoing market price is also calculated on the basis of the principle price of the plot. As in DCK plot are traded as “ON Money”. As my personal opinion this word is not correct and many people write this word as Own Money. Actually it is Price Premium on the actual price.

Because of ON Money, it is very difficult to understand the total price of the plot in different categories for a common man, and specially for new comers who want to invest in DCK for the very first time.

For the understanding of all this we have already written a complete article about How to Buy a Plot in DHA City Karachi (DCK). Still it is very confusing to understand in different categories. Because of all this I already recommended this thing just after the balloting in April 2013 that we should consider the price of plot as whole (Principle plus ON Money) and made the transaction as a whole, minus the remaining payable amount to DCK at the time of full payment.

Now we have almost reached July 2014, almost 50% payment has been made in Civilian and Army Retired Officer’s category plots, and 25 % in Army Serving Category plots. It is recommended that we all should consider the price as whole principle plus the price premium.


Currently we assume that 500 square yards plot ON Money is around PKR 18 Lacs to 38 Lacs for Civilian Category. Now we calculate the total price by adding the principle price which is fixed PKR 19.15 Lacs for 500 yards plot.

Now we have to calculate paid amount and remaining amount. As of June 2014, the paid installment in this category is 18 Installments plus down payment i.e. total of Rs. 9.5 Lacs. Buyer will pay the remaining amount to DHA.

For Army Category, we assume 500 yards plot ON Money is around PKR 24 Lacs to 45 Lacs, plus adding principle price of 10.15 Lacs. At the time of payment buyer has to pay the ON Money and the paid amount which is PKR 2.45 Lacs and PKR 4.5 Lacs in serving and retired categories respectively.

Now we recommend that we should consider the full price of 500 yards plot from PKR 36 Lacs to 55 Lacs. In this case price variation is based on sectors only. And buyer has to pay full price besides the remaining installment.

Old Price Calculation Formula (Based on ON Money):

DHA City Karachi - Old Price Calculation Formula

May 2014 Rates

New Price Calculation Formula (Based on Full Amount):

DHA City Karachi - New Price Calculation Formula

June 2014 Rates


This new price calculation formula will be workable for all sizes and categories of plots. We will quote the full price and buyer has to pay full amount besides the remaining installment of DHA and surcharge will be deduct from the full price as well.

In this case the maximum price will be for the Red Zone sectors and minimum price for Green Zone sectors irrespective of the categories. By not using this terminology of ON Money, will create positive impact on the market and buyer feels more comfortable to buy DCK plots.

In many people mind this ON Money word creates confusion and people are not ready to pay this ON Money. In DHA Karachi (Phase I to Phase VIII) plots have been allotted to Armed Forces people at very low price, and many of them already sold these plots to civilians.

In the market all of us consider full price, and nobody use the word ‘Profit’ on that plot. Though there is a difference of full cash and installment plan. But at this stage when almost 50% payment has been made to DHA City Karachi we should consider the full price for DHA City plot as well.


Feedback Required:

In this regard, it is requested to all that please share your precious feedback that should we go for this or follow the same old price method. Do share your feedback via comments below.

This post is written by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates.

Citi Associates – Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services

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  1. Mohammed EJAZ rasheed says:

    yes I agree with your new formula.

  2. ZULFIQAR says:

    Will you please calculate and communicate the price of plot Sector wise. Like I have 2 plots of 500 Sq Yds in category J in sector 9 and 10. I know that they are in green zone but there must be some difference in their price. Can you please help me out in calculating the current price in case I wants to dispose one out of the two. Regards. ZULFIQAR

    • Ghulam Shaikh says:

      I would like to know in which category your is in sector 9 A,B, C, or D. I am interested in A and B
      and how much is your demand or ON MONEY.

      • ZULFIQAR says:

        Sorry for late reply as I was not connected through net. My plot is in sector 9 C and in category J. All the installments are paid in time till June 2014. Your kind offer please……..

  3. Imran says:

    This is nothing technical, rather an effort that you made a couple of months back. I endorse it for the convenience of understanding, but request you at the same time to update the price for the month of June, 2014, please.

  4. LtCol(R) Qazi Shahid Ullah says:


  5. Aamir says:

    New price formula…….. Simply excellent.

  6. Syed Mubashir Hasan says:

    New price formula indeed more easy to understand but it should be sector wise, hence easy to decide for sale purchase in particular sector.

  7. estate owner says:

    Salaam to all…
    i have a plot of 100 sq:yards in peninsula commercial (phase-8) facing 50″ wide road, next to corner, and facing near front service lane as well and very near to main 28th street (next to corner).
    its street is lane: 05, “khari patti “.
    i want to sell it to genuine purchaser . i am owner of the plot.
    demand: 225 (offers near to demand will be entertained)

    *hot property*

  8. Tehzeeb says:

    I agree with the new formula. However, things will become a lot easier to understand if you start quoting prices on full payment basis for each of the three (Red,Yellow and Green) zones.

  9. Ahmad says:

    This is good, if the amount quoted includes the principal amount of the plot. it can help clear dealing.

    Good work

    • Nafis says:

      Old is better as it provides prices for different categories not a combined price for all categories. Rather old formula should have further breakup depending on sectors. This would provide an exact price for each plot. I believe people should have atleast that much brain to calculate to total price based on on money value.

      • Ahmad says:

        Dear Sir,

        I cannot understand that how old way of price calculation was good, in which a potential cusotmer after negotiating on money he discovers, that you have to pay on top of this, you have to pay on top of that and this sequence goes on and on>>>. And the actual price go way far beyond the thoughts. The good thing in the new price is after quoting full lump price the break down can be fixed but the overall price will be kept conrolled.
        This is what i presumed.
        Anyway good luck DHA city. The pace of work is quite good.

  10. fawad says:

    Not right way to calculate

  11. Fakhr says:

    What is impact on surcharges in new Vs old formula?

  12. Shah Nawaz says:

    Yes new system of calculation is more appropriate…..

  13. Rashid Yahya Usmani says:

    Thanks for your efforts in establishing a theoretical price assessment system. However I must comment that these formulas do not work when it comes to actual deal. In fact the prices are established by the actual transactions of the plots and the finalized price in actual transaction is based on the development status of the sectors and also the urgency on the part of seller as well as buyer.

  14. Haleem says:

    All DHAs are not advertising their products as other do in the media.Why

  15. Junaid says:

    Formula change has no significant effect now… But later, when more installments have been paid, difference to the current buyer -future sellers would be pronounced.

  16. Waqar says:

    New Price formula is good.
    Can you adv when DCK will give position in Red catagory…..?

  17. Riaz says:

    Should be sector wise. Old formula is better as tested for years.

  18. Muhammad Riaz says:

    New Formula to calculate price in DCK is fine and simple so be adopted without delay

  19. riaz says:

    new formula is easy and updated.

  20. sehrosh says:

    Can U Calculate & Let Me Know Latest Price Of My K-Category 200 Sq Yds Res-Plot In 6d Sector.Wat Wud B Price We Fol Old Working/New Working Formula

  21. AOA to All,
    Thanks for your kind interest and share your views, We respect all the views, but as we already mention the polling system,by which we can adopt the method for upcoming prices. As today 10th we were planed to close this polling on 10th and provide price for the month of July with either new formula or old price method, according to polling results.
    Alhamodilliah in comments there are in double digit, but on polling side we have 1000 plus votes, and out of that 70% percent are with new price foumula.
    So onward we will follow the new formula. Some are suggest that we should give the price RED, Yellow and Green zone wise, but unfotunately these color will be no more in the future, and simply sector number will valid till the end. In new price formula price range will mention only for size of plot, and there will be no category mention, price will be same for all categories, only the remaining amount will be different, and amount of installment also differ in different categories, and time frame too. for the surcharge as we mention that, at the time of payment remaining amount will be less means surcharg will be deduct automatically.
    This all from my side, July rates will be published soon In Sha Allah,
    Thanks for shar your Precious feed back. Do always share your feed back in the future too.

  22. usman arif says:

    Yes , but what is the price for differential , lease and commercial activity in light of D HA rules for seller – buyer and market driven factors ie land development charges , Interest per an-um ,Time value factor and cost statistics analysis in fixed cost basis ie excluding the membership fee ,subscriptions ,and property Real estate in CVM models.

  23. Imran Mahmud says:

    I have 500 sq ft army quota res plot in yellow zone. Plot No 433 Sector 9D. All dues paid up to Jul 2014. How much is it worth now and are there any buyers available?

  24. khursheed hasan says:

    I have 500 sq ft army quota res plot in yellow zone. Plot No 111 Sector 10c. All dues paid up to Jul 2014. How much is it worth now and are there any buyers available?

  25. Amir says:

    One thing I did not understand why “J” Types all the Plot sizes, market value is less then others A, B, K, S Plots. Overseas Pakistani paid in Dollars “$” and paying more then, if you pay in Pakistani rupees. Could some one answer my question ?

  26. dr. abid says:

    I need 300 yards plot in dha phase 9, please let me know if something available in the market.

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