Pre-Recorded: Reclaiming our Bodies: #ProtestAgainstRape by T2F

Given the current circumstances of the nation, where violence is at large and accountability close to none; movements and causes such as Aurat March and #ProtestAgainstRape aid immensely to the correction, rectification and critical revision of the nation’s policies.

Join The Second Floor in collaboration with Tehreek-e-Niswan, as a community and engage with the organisers and hosts of the protest.

About the Speakers:

Sheema Kermani:
Sheema Kermani is a Pakistani social activist, the founder of Tehrik-e-Niswan Organization. She is a strong advocate for Women’s Rights Movement in Pakistan. Realising that women in the Pakistani society were not able to get equality in the society so she started a movement called ‘Tehrik-e-Niswan’ (Women’s Movement) and raised her voice for their rights, health issues, education and equality.Bindiya Rana:
Bindiya Rana is the founding member of Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) and the pioneer transgender activist in the history of Pakistan. She has been working for the rights of trans-gender people in Pakistan from 2002. She is the petitioner for trans-gender rights activism in Supreme Court of Pakistan and has been appointed the focal person for the Khawaja Sira community in Pakistan and recently she has selected as provincial member committee established by National Human Right Commission for Implementing Transgender protection Bill.

Parveen Naz:
Parveen Naz is an Activist, Researcher, Human Right Defender. She is also the Founder of “Raaji’s – Baloch Women Forum”. And the Co-Founder of “Mehrdar Art & Production”, established in 2012; dedicated to highlight positive developments and socially motivated content through Art, Literature, Research, Publications and Documentaries.

Layla is a corporate lawyer, founding member of the Non-Binary Collective, and founder of Spectrum Therapy & Mediation. They have an Advanced Diploma from CPPD Counselling School (UK), Mediation Accreditation from ADRODR International (UK), and LLB from the London School of Economics (UK).

Date: Wednesday, 30th September 2020
Time: 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Location: Facebook Premiere
Event Link:

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