Prof. Spiro Pollalis – Lead Concept Planner of DHA City Karachi (DCK)

 Prof. Spiro Pollalis

Spiro N. Pollalis is Professor of Design Technology and Management at the Harvard Design School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He received his first engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens and his Master’s and PhD from MIT. His MBA in high technology is from Northeastern University. He also has a honorary Master’s degree in Architecture from Harvard.

Prof. Pollalis specializes in project management, information technology in design, and in signature bridge design. Prof. Pollalis’s research extends in remote collaboration, and remote teaching. He has taught synchronously across continents via the Internet, and his practice is based on remote collaborators located in USA and Europe, brought together by advanced multimedia communications.

Prof. Pollalis is the founder and director of the Center for Design Informatics (CDI), dedicated to the exploration of Internet and Technology in the design, real estate and construction fields. He is also the advisor in the area of Project Management at the Master in Design Studies program.

He has practiced as a bridge designer in the USA and in Europe for signature bridges, central to urban and regional development. He has also consulted extensively on management and information technology in design and construction projects.

Prof. Pollalis is the chief planner for the new DHA City Karachi and the concept designer of the information infrastructure in the new administrative city in Korea. He has designed two signature bridges: in Columbus Ohio, and in Athens, Greece, and played a central role in the iconic Zakim bridge, the new symbol of Boston.

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