Proposed Rate of Income Tax in DHA Karachi w.e.f 1st July 2016

Under Section 236C and 236K Advance Tax on Sale or Transfer of Immoveable Property, the proposed Rate of Income Tax in DHA Karachi w.e.f 1st July 2016 are as follows:

Proposed Rate of Income Tax in DHA Karachi w.e.f 1st July 2016

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  1. igk says:

    What about Tax rates for Overseas Pakistani owners of Plots in DHA Karachi? Who will pay at the time of transfer & how much…..

  2. Omer says:

    Shafi Sb, could you please explain and what will the process of new income tax amendment 2016 , section 68 under finance act.

    Link is

    Your analysis will be much appreciated.


  3. ali z says:

    can any one guess or tell the time slot for plotting of sector 10 dha city karachi, so that one can know the location of own plot!. regards

  4. Kay says:

    A bit of correction. Its not only on DHA but all projects anywhere in Pakistan including Bahria…

  5. Dear shafi what is market trends after new taxation could you think the market is not effected now the dha City Karachi is moving more in the same pace..? Secondly elaborate for further future forcast regarding Dha City Karachi I will be appreciated if you reply me in this regards

    • Haroon Rashid says:

      Is CGT applicable on disposal of gifted property whose details are as hereunder:
      The said property was gifted by mother to her three children about 17 years back via a Gift Deed which was Registered then. The said property Mutation in children’so names was done 2 years back and was sold within 2 years of Mutation.
      Will be most grateful for your response.
      Best Regards?

  6. Jawed Khan, Houston, USA says:

    Most of Pakistani Departments specially Tax Collection and Revenue Disbursements are dis-functional. Pakistan is the only country where massive steeling is taking place during Tax Collection and during disbursement. My self being a Financial Professional and License Auditor,I believe if these departments become functional, there is no need to have any additional tax in Pakistan. In fact, over 60% revenue of the nation is lost due to these so called departments. Leadership of these departments should be hanged in Public for other to get lesson.

    First thing, Pakistan has to do is to do agricultural land reform similar to India that took place in 1948. Take all land from land lords and give to Formers. Make Agriculture income as Taxable. Once lands have been taken, politics of Pakistan would automatically be cleaned. Wadera and Choudri would be wiped out and only real representative of people would come through elections.

    May Allah give naik Hidyat to People of Pakistan so they can wake up and stand up for this injustice.

  7. Syed Jawad Hassan says:

    What effect if any, has been made on the prices of 500 Sq Yds Residential plots in DCK Sector 3, after the announcement of possession w.e.f September 2017

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