Provision of Complementary Sports Facilities to Special Children at DA Zamzama Club

DHA Clubs provide an exquisite venue for sports, games and relaxation. The clubs also take community oriented initiatives for the welfare and wellbeing of society. In this context Defence Authority Zamzama Club in Phase-V having exciting multifaceted sports facilities provided its open sports ground to children of Institute of Behavioral Psychology (IBP) free of cost for three days. The initiative provided children with intellectual disabilities (IDP) to play, stretch and enjoy in open refreshing environment.

Institute of Behavioral Psychology provides its students with intellectual disabilities to learn and experience the feeling to live their lives to its optimum potential. Special children of all ages felt excited and enjoyed the outdoor events in a joyous mood. They actively engaged themselves in various games, sports and group discussions. It was re-assuring to see a number of them on wheel chairs enjoying sports with high spirits.

Such noble and inspiring acts are manifest of DHA’s progressive vision for the future. DHA as a forward looking and enlightened organization keeps taking dynamic initiatives as its corporate social responsibility.

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