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Eating well is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what is important is that the choices made must be balanced in terms of quality and daily dietary requirements. Many a times, people tend to lose focus about the importance of a balanced diet in the face of trying to lose weight or to maintain their weight levels.

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Opting for crash diets is also a hazard to the body and the digestion system because when the individual tries to eat normal daily food, there seems to be problems. Self-created diet charts lack the right balance of nutrition that which a body needs daily to work well. Nutritionists for this very reason recommend people to take professional advice before embarking on a diet regime because sometimes the effects can be life altercating as well.

Pure Health Café - Marine Galleria, Block 9, Clifton (Near The Forum), Karachi

Eating healthy should be inculcated in the daily lifestyle as part of the daily routine, but it does not mean that individuals will have to compromise completely on their intake of favorite desi delights- the only concern is to create a balance between the elements in a meal, an excess serving of carbohydrates or fat will do more harm that wellbeing for the body.

K-town is home to desi and continental delights, but truly loved are the steaks and the burgers- all too good undoubtedly for the taste but hazards for the health. For a very simple reason: foods like steaks, burgers and desserts are rich in starch, sugar and fats, all of which are not good for health in excess. Sometimes yes, there can always be a once, but ‘often’ is an invitation to the coronary and endocrinology health issues. With the eating-out-in-restaurants- phase at its peak, unhealthy choices are what are laid out on the menu and the healthy choices are restricted to a wilted salad or the ever dull grilled chicken.

So what about all those people who wish to eat out, but have these very dull and monotonous boring choices which do not cater to their healthy living lifestyle- it is a jeopardy to be honest. Nevertheless it might not be too late to look for an eatery which is all about healthy food and healthy choices wherein the artificial element of flavors and colors are completely eliminated from the menu.

Sounds good to the ears does it not? Guaranteed it will taste even better and be a far healthier choice than the ones available right now. Look up and greet Pure Health Café located in Clifton, Block 9, next to the famous donut outlet at Schon Circle.

Address: G-19/3, Marine Galleria, Block 9, Clifton (Near The Forum), Karachi.
Phone: 021-35306817

Pure Health Café is in its start-up phase right now, but it struck a chord with the health conscious people. All those who take extra care in their meal choices are swarming the outlet in droves to try the healthy fresh juices and delicious wraps, sandwiches and Panini’s.

Pure Health Café food is made from the freshest ingredients and quality supremacy is ensured. Health fanatics will not be disappointed for sure.

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