Qawwali Night With The Legend ‘Amjad Sabri’ at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS)


The love of God reflects all around us human beings- every moment brings to us a newer perspective to this limitless expansion which we call the world. As far as the human understanding and knowledge goes, it is clearly understood through scripture and science that this world in a meager part of a huge universe and the universe is not limited to the one known to us.

There are universes and worlds far beyond the capacity and reach of human knowledge and understanding, created by God. So far humans have barely scratched the surface of the world they live in, breakthroughs have been made by sending man up in space or in the form of orbiting satellites, but it does not even touch the surface of this expanding universe.

For the past how many decades, humans have dedicated themselves to understanding the wonders of this world and some of the universe, but with the passage of time, the mystery behind every creation further thicken because each discovery unveils a new mystery.

Thus a vicious circle of mystery keeps the mankind roving around in circles. It does make one wonder about the Creator and how many will never come close to unveiling what the Creator wishes to remain hidden. But mankind is born with an inquisitive nature; it is not possible for man to not wish to know things outside his realm.

Man has been in search of ways to get closer to the Creator, either through his creations or religion. In this search for the Creator, man came across the mystical realm of Sufism. Classical Sufi scholars believe Sufism is a science which turns the heart of man away from everything except God. Sufism has deeply ingrained roots in the Sindhi Culture because many Sufi saints hailed from Sindh.

One element of Sufism is Qawwali which has been known to invoke in people the deepest love of God, turning them away from all worldly desires. Thus Qawwali stands out as a medium for the search of the Creator. The spiritual power of Qawwali is known to make people weep uncontrollably- it an extraordinary feeling which cannot be described in words.

Qawwali Night With The Legend 'Amjad Sabri' at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS)

Qawwali originated in the sub-continent and travelled across the world. Today, people in the west love Qawaali and the feeling it invokes. In the world of Qawaali, even the novices have known the famous Amjad Sabri. An auspicious Qawaali Mehfil by Amjad Sabri will be held at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in the month of April 2014.

Address: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture: ST-33, Block 2, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan)

The expected date for which is 26th of April, however the confirmed details have yet to be known, but the event is happening for sure. It would be a loss to not enjoy the spiritual senses invoked by the Qawwali of Amjad Sabri. Stay tuned and get hold of the tickets first thing because this is one event that is not to be missed.

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