Qayyumabad Graveyard – Illegal Encroachment in DHA Karachi Area

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation had allotted a land measuring 2.7 acres to the residents of Qayyumabad for the purpose of graveyard. On filling up of graveyard, the locals started encroaching DHA Karachi Land and started burials on commercial plots already allotted to its members.

Qayyumabad Graveyard - Illegal Encroachment in DHA Karachi Area

DHA was left with no option but to approach the court and a Stay Order was obtained. Court Nazir visited the site and placed Sign Boards, mentioning that the area belongs to DHA. Sing boards were removed by some of the Qayyumabad residents.

DHA requested the honourable court to allow the construction of a boundary wall around its allotted land, which was granted, but some of the residents reacted violently and did not allow the construction of the wall. These residents appeared to be part of land mafia.

On 18 Sep 2014, Sindh High Court Nazir visited the site alongwith local police to implement court order and police was deputed on the spot but on next day, once the police left, construction work was stopped forcibly by the gangsters belonging to Qayyumabad. Since then no work has been executed.

DHA reserves the right to protect its interest against illegal activities over its land. Residents of Qayyumabad need to identify land mafia black sheep and control them. Though DHA wants a peaceful settlement of this matter but will not compromise on its interests.

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