Rain Emergency Operation in DHA Karachi

Rain Emergency Operation in DHA Karachi

The first spell of monsoon rains in Karachi on Saturday brought the city to almost a standstill and created immense problems for the citizens. However in DHA Karachi, the situation has been brought to absolute normal and all the Major roads, Khayabans, Lanes and Streets are absolutely dry.

This became possible through efficient draining of rain water through the newly constructed drainage system in DHA and through the hectic pumping operation of the accumulated rain water in some parts of DHA.

Administrator DHA Brig Muhammad Abdullah visited those areas in Defence which were affected yesterday due to accumulation of rain water. The Administrator along-with Chief Engineer identified the flaws/inadequacies in some portions of the drainage system design. He ordered Chief Engineer to undertake necessary rectification works in the system immediately after the monsoon rains are over to address the inadequacies in the system.

He appreciated the spirited work of DHA staff and asked them to remain vigilant throughout the monsoon season. He stressed the need for taking proactive preventive measures and to ensure that the residents do not face any problems during the monsoon season.

Rain Emergency Centre

Meanwhile DHA has also established a Rain Emergency Centre at DHA Main Office in Defence Phase-I to co-ordinate the rain emergency operations. Residents can contact the Emergency Control Room on tel nos 99266844, 99266845 and 111-589-589 Ext 2073 for their rain related problems and complaints.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

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