Rajdhani Delight

Craving for some lip-smacking delicacies with succulent taste of flavorsome spices and veggie under perfect blend of chatney and raita not so difficult now. As RAJDHANI DELIGHT, located in Clifton with authentic place of Pakistani, Indian, Vegan options, Halal and Vegetarian friendly place to satisfy your desire for desi food. Opened with a new name and refined taste, unique in itself, serves the best vegetables dishes (Thali) with your favorite ones. 

With the most sensational and spicy food place, Rajdhani Delight offers a wide range of traditional cuisine with purely using of desi masalajaat and organic herbs with perfect desi tarka style menu. A warm ambiance, highly delighted place with orange and golden dim lighting theme with easy seating chairs and simple yet comfortable sofa style seems quite cute and relaxing. 

Indian art and culture portrait in every foam of serving, making, influencing, preserving or just enhancing the characters that they have in their motivated manner. Traditional thali culture to promote Indian beauty never go wrong. You can customize your own thali with whatever you want to eat things. Sophisticated small place with no compromise of hygienic issue as all products, items, ingredients and meat along with spices all comes after thorough checking and bought from specific places. 

Indian culture itself carry a balance diet plan with nutritional facts, so restaurant as well concentrate on health issues for waist watchers and ignore all harmful material. Perfect combination of veggie with accurate cooking time not to soft or crunchy nor too hard to digest. Basically renowned for its unique and innovative serving style. Restaurant offer full menu for lunch and dinner course. 

Professional chefs with great culinary and cooking skills delight your mood with humble and kind staff. Specially a sober dressed up waiter in traditionally Rajasthani style of dresses serve your food with warm smile. Simple and plain ambiance enhance its purifying beauty and enchanter identity.

Premium restaurant with succulent taste of Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisine, with over 700 scrumptious delicacies make their way to your thali in different rotating menus everyday. Speciality of restaurant is; the crew will bring the buffet to your table and explaining you the dishes with a soft voice. Then they start filling those steel bowls of your thali in a sequential order of Chutney, Salad, Pickles, Starters, Vegetable & Non-Vegetable Curries, Daal, Phulka, Puries, Rice, Chaas and many more. Quality to quantity of each person also praise worthy and highly standardized with complete satisfying foam. 

Warm  and delighted restaurant reflect their hospitality in each and every thing in their doings. As India already famous for its diverse multi-cultural offerings, Restaurant humbly reflect this feature very well. They serve a new, pre-decided menu each day of the week. Before start serving main course they offer little finger bowls containing warm water which had a slice of lemon floating in it to get our hands washed. All serving to delighted your mood and boosting skills are completely courteous and prompt so kudos to them for that. 

Restaurant actually offers more discountable offers with delivery service, credit cards acceptability, catering, kids friendly, take in & out, reservation, walk-ins welcome  with vegetarian menu as well. Average cost per head seem under PKR: 330 to 990 not be a bad range to dine in peacefully with love ones and hang out with friends. 

Address: Shop No. 2, Marine Pride, Khayaban e Iqbal Road, Zone-A, Block 7, Main Clifton Road, Next to Sohni Sweets, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (021) 35810630
Email: info@arajdhani.com.pk
Website: http://www.rajdhani.com.pk/
Timing: Monday to Sunday 12:30pm to 23:30pm
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/rajdhanidelights/

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