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  1. Tariq javed bhatti says:

    i would like to know the latest market price for 1000sq yds plot on Kyh tipu 33rd st non corner phase viii

    • 1000 yards plot on Kh. Tipu it was corner plot, now the streets are closed from kh. tipu, and these plot are facing to Peninsula commercial too.
      all plots are effected. please identify the plot number.
      Muhammad Shafi Jakvani.
      0300/0321-82 99 101.

      • Nisar Haider Abbas says:

        Dear Mr. Jakvani,

        My expatriate client, currently at Karachi and would be leaving shortly, needs some 100 sqyds staff plot in Iqbal Streets of Phase-VIII. He would prefer to have a plot located closer to the mosque in the area stated above. Please ask your concerned agent/consultant to contact me with confirm availability(s)at the earliest.

        Thanks & Regards,

        Nisar Haider Abbas,
        Phone: 0321-4300977,
        NHA International,
        Real Estate Agents,
        12th Commercial, Phase-II Extn;
        DHA – Karachi.

        • Atif Ijaz says:

          Hello Nisar bahi this is Atif from Moon Esrate DHA Lahore I need to sell my clients commercial plot 14 C Tariq Commercial St 14 Phase 7ext DHA Karachi u can reply on my e mail or 03219484588 Regards Atif

        • Fahad says:

          Hi Mr. Jakvani,

          I am looking for 200 yard west open plot in Defense, kindly guide me on the prices and the suitable location, I am looking for low price option, thanks.

          contact : fahad_mahar@hotmail.com

        • Fuad Qureshi says:

          Hello Nasir sahib, I want to sell or rent my prime commercial building in DHA Lahore either to a good tenant or to an investor. Can you help me. Its located on the Main Boulvard of Phase ph bearing address 154 Central Commercial Area, Phase 4, DHA Lahore. It is measuring 200 sq yds (8 Marla). It has five floors. The Basement+Ground+ Mez Floor constitute one rental unit. The Building has First Floor and Second Floor also. The rent for the Ground Floor (G+B+Mez Floor) is 5.5 lacs per month, First Floor is 1.5 lacs and 2nd floor is 1 lac per month. I can also sell the building to a potential investor.

      • nasir says:

        I need 200 or 500 sq yard comercial or residetial plot kindly send me the payment details that how much i have to pay total upto now and how much own would be their for each plot please send me email nasir_ayub30@yahoo.com

      • M Siddiqui says:

        265 34th street ph viii

      • unsa ashfaq says:

        my mother would like to sell her plot in dha 6 in Karachi. it is 500 sq yard corner plot.


    • Basil Mehmood says:

      Sunders Real Estate (we help our client’s make better decision in real estate)

      Sir kindly let me know the plot no. we cant assese it until u provide the details.

      Regards, Basil Mehmood
      Cell # : + 92 300 2014688
      Landline # : + 92 21 – 35241418
      skype & facebook : sundersrealestate

    • Sadiq Mehmood says:

      Respected Sir,
      Is ur plot is still avialable for SALE. Kindly contact me on my Cell + 92 300 2014688 or email me ur Numb n email add on sundersrealestate@gmail.com

    • Umair Anwer says:

      Dear all,
      kindly advise the price of house in DHA Phase 1, 2nd North Street, it is 1,000 sq yard. Double story with separate parking space. The place has been renovated around 7 years back. Latest price is required please.

    • Investing to buy both residential and commercial property in Pakistan is a very attractive business nowadays, and it will be in the future. It is obvious to everyone that there are thousands of investment opportunities with fantastic prospects with property in Pakistan but the dangers and risks involved if one is not clear, lacking the necessary information and non-availability of the means to check out the status of property in Pakistan that the attractive or profitable looking investment in any specific property in Pakistan is really how much profitable.

      Realestateonline.pk are committed to exceed the customers’ expectations by providing assistance in buying property, selling Property or renting a residential, commercial property particularly in DHA karachi, our featured online realtors can look after the customers in every step of the deal to make sure the safe and transparent transaction . Truly the online realtors at Realestateonline.pk save money and time of the customers and help in finding the right plot, house or home and the lenders and financial institution for all real estate related services.

      Engr. Javed A. Khan
      Real Estate Online

    • Salman says:

      approximately 8-10 crors

    • Abdullah Rajput says:

      I want to know the price rate of 150 sq yd house in dha ph 7 karachi?

  2. Muhammad Shahbaz says:

    Interested in buying 2 units 200 yards each at least 3-4 bedrooms in each unit in Phase 8 , Kindly leave your comments with expected cost.

  3. Nisar Haider Abbas says:

    The minutes of the meeting are very informative for all brokers. I would request the organizers to kindly put my name in the attendees for all upcoming meetings.

    Kind Regards,
    Nisar Haider Abbas,
    Phone: 0321-4300977,
    NHA International,
    12th Commercial, Phase-II Extn;
    DHA Karachi.

  4. Abdul says:

    I am like to know 500 yds Prices IN Zone B Phase 8 and like to know Possesion Time in Zone B

    • Sunders Real Estate (we help our client’s make better decision in real estate)

      Sir kindly let me know if ur intrested in selling ur property in dha khi . Contact us for best offer.

      Regards, Sadiq Mehmood
      Cell # : + 92 300 8240536
      Landline # : + 92 21 – 35882455
      skype & facebook : sundersrealestate

  5. AoA,

    Mr. Abdul,

    Zone B 500 yards plot price range around 18.5 to 22.5 Million. and you can construct the house in this zone.



    Muhammad Shafi Jakvani.

    0300/0321-82 99 101.


  6. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    i would like to know the latest market price for 2000sq yds plot on Kyh Faisat 25st non corner plot # 209 phase viii


  7. Sunders Real Estate (we help our client’s make better decision in real estate)

    Rizwan Ahmed sb : wat is ur demand??? so i may convey dat to my client.

  8. Basil Mehmood says:

    rizwan ahmed sb kindly contact me as soon as possible 0300 2014688. i got the best offer of ur plot. regards B Mehmood

  9. want know 500 yards plot in zone B & E in defence phase 8 ,what is in the market and price

  10. want know 500 yards plot in zone E in defence phase 8 ,what is in the market and price

  11. Sadiq Mehmood says:

    Zone B

    500 yards plot price starts from 18.5 to 22.5 Million. house can be

    Zone E

    Zone E 500 yards plot price starts from 14.5 to 16.5 Million.

    Maps can b provided on demand
    send me ur email add
    cELL # + 92 300 8240536

  12. murad says:

    i ned 200 yds plot in DHA City phase9

  13. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    Hello All

    i Have Banglow for sale out at zam zama 12 street
    double story 4 bed ground 2 each first and second floor asking price 5.35

    Rizwan Ahmed
    contact 0321,0307-8494331

  14. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    plot sale out PLOT SIZE 2000 SQ FT AT main khy = faisal DHA VIII DOUBLE CORNER DEMAND 05 MILLION

    contact Rizwan Ahmed

  15. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    i there any hope in gwadar ????

  16. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    i there any new of gwadar ????

  17. Iqbal Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    How much time will take to allow construction at 26thstreet Zone E
    if i want to sale my plot 666 sq yad.what is the real price i can get
    to switch anotherone

    • Sadiq Mehmood says:

      @ iqbal ahmed sb : kindly email me the plot no .
      so i can provide rate. i have recently sold a plot in diz loc.

  18. Sadiq M Sunder says:

    Sunders Estate (we help our client’s make better decision in real estate)

    The services provided by Sunders Real Estate are to fulfills the demands and requirements of its cleints. we deals Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad also in Gawadar.

    The services provided by us:

    1. Rentals
    2. Sale / Purchase
    3. Investment / Consultancy
    4. Booking agent of residential n commercial property
    5. Rented Property on SALE.

    I hope you will give us a chance to serve with our expertise.

    Regards , Sadiq Mehmood
    Cell # + 92 300 8240536 Direct line # : 021 – 35241418
    Office Add : Suite # 201, 37C BOKHARI COMM LANE 8 / KHY E MUSLIM (cor) Dha ph 6.
    find us on : facebook / twitter / linkedin : Sunders Real Estate

  19. Nirmal says:

    I am based in dubai and interested in buying 500 yards bunglow in prime location of dha phase 5. Could you please advise what should be the budget.

  20. Sam says:


    I have 300 yds plot for SALE in DHA City Karachi
    Phase 9

    email me if intrested

  21. NOMAN AHMED says:

    I am looking a 200 YDS plot in Phase DHA city phase 9, anyboday intersted to sell please send me your contact #.

    NOman Ahmed

    • We have files available for sale.
      Contact Details:
      Muhammad Shafi Jakvani.

      • Shirin says:

        Dear Mr. Jakwani

        I wanted to find out the price for 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 sq yards plots in DHA CITY Karachi. I am interested in selling these. These are residential plots. I bought these in the overseas category. Please let me know. Thank you.

        • AoA,

          Ms. Shirin,

          As you know that just 2 days earlier balloting happened. it will take some time to settle down the market and to know the exact price of plots I need the file numbers with your membership numbers, to know the exact location of plots, in which sectors plots are situated.
          You can send me the details on my email address.
          Muhammad Shafi Jakvani.

          • Muhammad says:

            Dear Mr. Jakvani,
            How we can know the balloting details for our plots. Is there some place where the details are available or can be accssed from net?

          • tahir says:

            Mr. Jakwani,
            I would like to know and would you mine to help me, how to enroll direcetly DHA CITY KARACHI in overseas category and how’s balloting work, i am interested residential 300, 500 and 1,000 sq yards plots in DHA CITY Karachi. Please guide me i really appreciated. Thank you

          • AOA,

            Mr. Tahir,

            It is not possible to direct enroll to dha for balloting, it was happen in 2009, now you have to wait for the next balloting from DHA and there is no confirm date from DHA for the next balloting, may it will happen in 2014. but there is no fix date for it.
            if you want to buy plot in DCK you can buy it from the open market, and in overseas category you have to pay higher price, it is better to bury normal J category plot from the open market, but you have to pay on money on the actual price.
            Many Thanks.
            hope your got your answer.
            for further detail, you can send me an email or contact

    • waseem says:

      i want to sell out 200 square yard contact me through email

  22. muhammad anwar says:

    assalam o alaikum
    dear real estate agents
    i m in need of a one bed / two bed lounge flat at DHA phase 3 / 4 / 5 /6 @ reasonable price. will u plz guide me in this matter?

  23. SAJJAD says:

    Sir i have 200 sq yards half benefit fileod dha city karachi so will y tell me what is own price now… i want to sell urgently… plz contact me 0343-2438405

  24. Ahmed says:

    Interested to know/buy how much would 100 yards plot will be in phase 8 around 81 C – PENINSULA COMMERCIAL AREA

    Thank you

  25. ali saeed says:

    How much would a plot of 500 sq yds cost in zone c in beach street b/w 13th to 15th …… or 666 sq yds in zone d1 ?

  26. I want to sell out my 200 Sq yd residential civil cat plot. All dues clear till todate. Whats its price, please.

    • AOA,

      Mr. Jahanzeb,

      it is difficult to mention particular price for any plot it will be depend on the sector and when the price will be settled. you check my write up, will be uploaded soon about the DCK After balloting, first analysis.

      Many Thanks.

      • sikander says:

        AOA shafi sb,

        can you tell that either it is rumour or fact that all 200 sq yards plot will be in long term development sector as someone is mentioning in FB Forums.


  27. sadaf says:

    Mr shafi i have a 200 sq yard commercial plot in 14c5 ,plot no is 82,can u tell me how much total price i will get (including my installment,ON money,member ship,advance money)


    Dear Sir,AOA!
    I am an overseas Pakistani doctor living and working in Oman and interested in buying the 500 square yards plot in residential area on 9/10 years installment plan in an ideal locality at DHA City Karachi (Phase 9) .I am confused with the yellow,red and green zones. Do the rates of plots at different zones vary?Which is the best zone. Please send me the installment Plan of the 500 square yards plots available in all 3 zones differently and the new actual price of the plots after ballotment done recently .Best Regards, DR BABAR ANWAR KHAN

  29. we need a shop on Rent at DHA phase-2 or phase-2 Exten.
    please Contact 03202135705

  30. Danish Sardharia says:


    i want a bookshop in any shool for rent, or any tuck shop in club for sports. if any one have kindly contact me.

  31. Gamal says:


    If you have commercial plots at any ranges please email me on sga55124@gmail.com with your size and price.


  32. yasir says:

    Yasir Hayat Deals in DHA(4-8) Plots/Bunglows

    Bahria Property
    Yasir 0345-2215927

  33. Muhammad Gulzar says:

    I , B, 13 B, C or 14 A,B.Seller may contact with demand. Payment can be made with 2 days.

  34. Muhammad Gulzar says:

    I am interested 2 buy a 500 yds res plot, civ or mil cat in 11B, C, 12 A, B, 13 B, C, or 14 A,B sectors. Payment can be made with 2 days.

  35. Ahmed says:


    Required plots phase VIII & VI, 1000 Yards & 500 Yards. New Bungalows 500Yards on Khayabane Ittehad W/O… Urgent Required.

    2) FOR SALES:-
    Plots phase VIII, 500 Yards on Main Khayabane Shujaat, phase VIII- W/O Zone “C”

    3) FOR SALES:-
    100 Yards Plots main Khayabane Shabbir Shaheed & Khalid Street 3, Corner W/O, Phase VII EXT.

    a) 500 Yards Bunglaws portion 3 Bedrooms DD in Between Muhafiz & Bukhari St. 14th Phase VI.
    b) Bunglaws 600 Yards Rent For Office Use in Clifton Block 7, Near Teen Talwar.

    5) FOR SALES:-
    Mezzanine Floor 700 Sq.Ft. in Two Chambers Big Bukhari Chambers Areas Rent to Urgent Sales only 32 Lacs. For office Use Only.

    Contact Me…0313-8290029 Ahmed.
    Email: – newpropertynetworkk@hotmail.com.

  36. tariq mahmood says:

    need a 100 yds commercial plot in phase 8 preferably at TIPU and IQBAL commercial.other lanes at pennensula commercial are also prefered.urgent payment will be made.
    tariq mahmood

  37. Yasir says:

    Yasir Hayat Deals in DHA(4-8) Plots/Bunglows

    Require Plots at Phase 7 ext on 3 and 4 Street also at Peninsula Commercial 200 yards.
    Require 500-1000 yards Plots at Zone E in B/w 22-26 Streets Low Range

    Bahria Properties
    Yasir 0345-2215927

  38. Rashad Sid says:

    what should be the price of a clear 500 sq. yard plot in Zone C, in beach streets, 20 – 25.

    I’m looking forward for quick replies

  39. Anees Ahemd says:

    I am looking 2000 yards plot in DHA pahse viii zone E
    for my valueable client insha ALLAH i will give a good offer.
    Anees Ahmed
    NK Corporation
    Clifton Karachi.

  40. Asif Sherwani says:


    Dear Friends, I want to Sale DHA City Karachi 300 Sq.Yds., Plot No. 236, Sector D6, Please Give your best offer.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Asif Sherwani

    AL-Rehman AL-Rahim Properties
    Professional Realtor with spirit of Excellence in Real Estate Business)
    A Subsidiary of AL-Rehman AL-Rahim Group of Companies
    “We Sell Peace of Mind”

    Tel: 0300-8273969; 0321-8273969
    E-mail: asifsherwani@hotmail.com

  41. Asif Sherwani says:


    Dear Friends, I want to Sale DHA Phase-V, 500 Sq.Yds., Plot No. 21-A/IV, Corner of ‘C’ Street & 10th Street OFF Tanzeem, Please Give your best offer.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Asif Sherwani

    AL-Rehman AL-Rahim Properties
    Professional Realtor with spirit of Excellence in Real Estate Business)
    A Subsidiary of AL-Rehman AL-Rahim Group of Companies
    “We Sell Peace of Mind”

    Tel: 0300-8273969; 0321-8273969
    E-mail: asifsherwani@hotmail.com

  42. yasir says:

    Require Plots at Phase 7 ext B/W Aziz Bhatti and Muhammad Hussian Shaheed and in Ayubi Lane(5-7)

    Also Required at Peninsula Commercial 100-200 yards.
    500-1000 yards Plots at Zone A & E.

    Bahria Properties
    Yasir 0345-2215927

  43. tahir says:

    Mr. Jakwani,
    i want to buy residential 500 and 1,000 sq yards plots in DHA CITY Karachi Category J–Inland Pakistani or may i buy another category from open market kindly let me know current market best prices with best location and availabilities. Please let me know. Thank you

  44. Farhan says:

    AoA Mr. Shafi,
    I wanted to know the best investment plots in DHA Phase 7 Ext, 8 or 8 Ext either residential or commercial with a capaital of Rs 16 – 17 million.

  45. Anees Ahemd says:

    plot no. 9-c, 100 yards, main muslim , muslim commercial , for sale
    demand 3 crore. (30 million)
    Anees Ahmed
    NK Corporation

  46. Asif Saleem says:

    1.what will be the price of shop 560SQ FT with 900 SQ FT mez9 which is in Karachi,defence,badar comm st#10.

    2.what will be the price of shop 240SQ FT which is insaba avenue plot#28C.

    any one who does know the anwer to this do reply

  47. Irfan says:

    Salam, I would like to buy a 500 sqy plot in phase 8. My budget hovers around 160-170. i would like to start construction in a couple years. do I stand a chance with this budget? any suggestions?

  48. Sadiq Mehmood says:

    @ dr. farhan 7E/500yrds 32 sahilst.
    its 500yrd not 300yd by mistake mentioned before.

  49. Saad Hassan says:

    I want to contact a Broker/Party who deals in North Nazimabad.

    I have a bunglow of 700 sq. yards located at COMMERCIAL main road for sale. It is ideal for Construction of Flats, Banks, Mobile Franchises, Restaurants, etc.

    My number is 0300-7000751.

  50. Amir says:

    I have 200 sq yd, civilian commercial plot for sale in sector 10c5. email vesper2@hotmail.com

  51. Nadeem says:

    I have 200 Yds Commercial plot in DHA City, Sector 4D, Community C1. Need to sell, genuine buyers please contact me urgently.

    Mobile: 0333-2218644

  52. asif saeed says:

    I want to know the current prices in dha phase 8 ext commercial 100 yard plot (front road 80 ft wide)

  53. farooq says:

    I have 500yd plot in Zone D. My agent is pushing me to sell it asap, saying that the prices have gone up considerably and will take a significant correction in 3 months time. He is advising me to sell and re-purchase in 3-6 months at lower price.
    I am looking to get more advice on this market situation. What should i do – Sell now and buy back later? Or keep holding the property?

  54. waseem says:

    I want to sell 200 sq yard plot dha city 6D Yellow. pls. give me the best price

  55. nouman says:

    Do you have any idea of price for 400SQY in DHA phase viii sector E. Location is on khayaban Galib just opposite to sector B

  56. Maqsoodul Hasan says:

    Please let me know the price of 500 sq. yds. plot in DHA Phase VIII street 13 Zone A. All payments are complete except NUF.

  57. salman says:

    i am searching one bedroom rent apartment in cantt station or teen talwar clifton area….
    if any buddy have ….

  58. Shariq says:

    I would like to know the price of 500 sq.Yard Plot in Zone D .

  59. Jinsar. Ali Shaikh says:

    I intend purchase a plot measuring. 500 sqyds in. Dha phase 5 Karachi.I require to know proper details. Showing price and location of the plot if readily available.thanks

  60. Badar says:

    I want to sale 100 sq yds commercial plot in DHA phase 8. Al murtaza commercial lane no 2. Can you quote the price.

  61. Saima says:

    I want to sell my plot in DHA City, sector 9A… Yellow zone..urgently… Do you people have any good price for it???

  62. Mohsin says:


    I am interested in buying 300 Sq yards (Beach Avenue) plot in DHA Phase VIII (E) Sahil.

    Really appreciate if you can send me the best available options.

  63. M Siddiqui says:

    I want to sell 1000 sq yd plot in DHA phase Viii Zone D 36th Street .Interested parties kindly contact me @ my email address posthaste1@hotmail.com

    M Siddiqui

  64. Khwaja Viqaruddin says:

    Dear Mr Jakvani & other Agents.

    Kindly provide the current price for 500 sq.yard & 300 & 200 sq.yard Residential Plot.
    Thanks & Regards

    Khwaja Viqaruddin

  65. Asif Iqbal says:

    can I know who is dealing in DHA Islamabad
    I want to sale out my 8 Marla commercial plot situated in DHA 1 Sector F, Islamabad, with 2 marla extra land

    I want to sale it as soon as possible

  66. waheed says:

    want to buy a 500 sq yard plot in sector 6 DHA City. Can u give the current price.

  67. Siddiqui says:

    Bahria Town karachi 125 sq.yds plot file for sale, please contact 03129249952

  68. Ismail says:

    I would like to agency charges for tanent at first time as well on renewal of every year

  69. mashhood says:

    I am looking to sell my 2 bedroom flat of 1313 Sq feet on 6th floor in Gulfway towers (Teen Talwar)due to be completed June 2016.

    Can you let me know the value in the area and what the flat is likely to be sold for now as it is ie partially constructed

  70. M Anwer says:

    Hi Mashood,

    Let me know if you are still selling your under construction unit at Gulfway, email me the details and contact details.


  71. Rehman Khan says:


    I am selling a 200sq yards basement in Bukhari Commercial , in phase 6. I need to sell it asap, so only serious offer is needed. The asking price is 5,500,000.00 (Fifty five lacs) or the best offer. contacting via email would be the best way..jazbaedil@yahoo.com


  72. Muhammad rahim says:

    السلام عليكم. I need to know the availability of a three bedroom apt in creek vista for both rent and sale. A prompt response shelve appreciated.

  73. Adnan says:

    I have a 1000yard plot in DHA City karachi sector 15D On mony demand 49 lacks for further details..03009283951

  74. Shahrukh Memon says:

    I want to buy plots in DHA city , 200/300/500 kindly give your best prices.

    Contact Number
    Shahrukh Memon

  75. Sajid says:

    100 yds Commercial plot in Phase 8, Sahil street 1, want to sell. Plz quote offer.

  76. kaneez says:

    I am interested in buying a residential plot between 200-300 sqm in DHA City karachi on an installment plan,

    I shall consider good offers in defence phase 8 as well,will also be interested in small commercial plots, however I shall prefer them in the overseas block please advise me.


  77. syed says:

    I am interested to buy a residential plot in khyaban e qasim street 28 phase 8 dha karachi. Kindly let me know the price for the same.

    Also let me know the price range for a plot in street 1 to street 10 in dha phase 6.


  78. m jahangir says:

    Slam I want to know the price of 200 yards plot in D category in DHA city nooriabad .

  79. Dr Sohaib Khan says:

    Dear, i looking two plot in DHA city karachi, wants corner and togehter 500 yard and 300 yard, if someone has plz contact me on whatsup. 00966500363534

  80. Rasheed Ahmed says:

    Dear Friends,

    DHA City (DHA PHASE-9), Plots available for Sale.

    Feel Free to Contact.

    Rasheed Ahmed
    Time Line Associates

  81. M jamal shaikh says:

    House for rent

    DHA phase 5 ( extension ) , 450 square yard house .2 story , kitchen on both floors . 5 bedrooms ( 3 + 2 ) , dirty kitchens , servant quaters , parking for 3 cars , water comes in line. Contact 03008979966 .

  82. Rasheed Ahmed says:

    7-D, 500 YARDS, S CATEGORY

    Rasheed Ahmed
    Time Line Associates

  83. Q Qazi, says:

    I have a 2000 sq yards plot for sale in phase V111 corner of Khayaban e Ghalib and 31st. I would prefer a buyer who can make payments in USA. Please contact Dr. Qazi in USA via email or tel 9202423875

    • Dear sir.
      Is it plot 158 Ghalib?
      Please email me at azizhayat@triwahgroup.com

    • Irfan says:

      money laundering ?

      • Q Qazi, says:

        Mr Irfan It will be legal transfer of funds with all the due taxes paid, I live in USA and am a law abiding citizen of a civilized world.
        Are you interested to buy or just wanted to make a silly commenet

        • Irfan says:

          There isn’t any legal provision to make payment outside the country for the sale of land/assets in Pakistan. And that is the reason one would ask for outside settlement at the first place, the seller should be indifferent otherwise.

          • Dr. Qazi says:

            Mr Irfan
            That is what you think without knowing any details, which just reflects your attitude and mentality and of the society you live in, As unfortunately you “ALL” are surrounded by people like Ayan ali and associates.
            By the way you did not respond to the question, if you are interested to buy the plot? if so we may discuss better terms of payment you prefer. As I indicated in my initial post, payment in US is my preference not the only mode of payment. So please contact me directly via my tel/email, only if you are a serious buyer other wise I would end this discussion.

  84. Rasheed Ahmed says:


    Sector 9-C, 300 Yards, Full Paid

    Rasheed Ahmed

  85. Rasheed Ahmed says:


    Sector 13-A, RED ZONE, 200 Yards, S Category (Full Paid)

    Rasheed Ahmed

  86. ABDUL RASHEED says:

    For sale 300 sq plot in DHA CITY KARACHI, phase 9

    sector :2 A
    16 installments paid each installmet 30 thousand
    send your offer
    Mob: 00971-508159213

    • Falahuddin says:

      300 sq plot in DHA CITY KARACHI, phase 9
      sector :2 A
      if you have plot please contact for sale
      Falahuddin 03361287050

  87. Huma says:

    Hi, i am looking for a one room apartment in DHA phase 1 or a partition of a house with one room for rent. Kindly respond if there is any room available
    Huma Maqbool

    • Jamal Memon says:

      Dear Ms. Huma
      I can provide options for studio rent in Phase 6 DHA. Kindly call for further details
      Jamal Memon
      Seher Enterprises

    • Dear Huma Maqbool,

      I have a Room at DHA Phase-1,
      Reasonable Bedroom size attach Bath, Built in Wardrobe, self cooking facility, line water, no load shedding, standby generator free.

      Please feel free to contact

      Rasheed Ahmed

    • Falahuddin says:

      Huma Mam,

      I have One bed room Portion in bungalow
      if you have Still need please Contact me

      Falhuddin Qamar

    • Kamran says:

      Dear Madem Huma
      I have an apartment for rent at Bath island
      Please contact me…. if you or any one else interested
      contact me at kamranibrahim@hotmail.com

  88. Dr.Mujeeb says:

    Assalam walaikum,
    I want to sell my DHA city karachi plot in red zone,sector 13/C , 200 square yards..serious buyers plz contact me.


  89. Waim Mohammed says:

    Asalam I like to sell or rent 3 bedroom unit 3rd floor boat view apatment clifton block5 khekashan please contact me through emai wasimbhai_786@hotmail.com or+61433786263 what’s up or viber jazakallah

  90. SHOUKAT ALI says:

    Dear All Agents, I need 500 Yard demolish banglow or plot in DHA 4,5 or 6 good location other are below requirement,


    Shoukat Ali

  91. Kamran says:

    Dear All
    There is an apartment available for rent at bathIsland 6th street.. please interested ppl could contact me on kamranibrahim@hotmail.com


  92. Naeem Lashari says:

    need 2 bed furnished or unfurnished appartment in Creek Club, Creek Vista if anyone have kindly let me know about rent

  93. Naeem Lashari says:

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  94. Naeem Lashari says:

    need 2 bed furnished or unfurnished appartment in Creek Club, Creek Vista if anyone have kindly let me know about rent

    Please email me at naeem.lashari@hotmail.com or call me at this number 03332439148

  95. muhammad saeed says:


    Dear All I Need 500 Sq BANGLOW in DHA Phase 3,4,5,6,7,8 Pl z contact me only Client .

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    I need 500 Yard demolish banglow or plot in DHA 4,5 or 6 good location other are below requirement,


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  97. RA Enterprises says:

    DHA City, 500 Yards, Sector 10-D, Army 20 Years


  98. Atif Iqbal says:

    Dear Brothers,

    Where can I find DHA Karachi registered agent list. Is it available in DHA Karachi website?

  99. Daniyal nawaz says:

    03331209083 any one want to sale or bay properties dha karachi or dha city karachi please contact me

  100. Faiza says:

    BE AWARE! FRAUD AGENTS! AR ESTATE and BUILDERS, TANVEER AHMED KHAN, seher commercial phase 7 karachi. I gave token money to these agents for scrutiny of documents. When i asked them for agreement they said the owner is not in pakistan and there can b no agreement and promised that if i processed the payment in a week they will handover the property to me. I obtained the search n genuiness n valuation etc which cost me 20,000 and as soon as i asked for the agreement they asked me to pay for the owners air ticket so that he can come to pakistan as he does not have funds to come to pak. They then said that he doesnt have money to pay for his pending mutation which i must pay n when the owner comes he will pay. They are liars and fraudsters as they saw an easy target in a woman making her first property purchase. When i insisted on the agreement the owner cancelled the deal. They then tried to threaten me saying why did i put up an advert for the sale of the property and i forcefully got the property evaluated, (even though the agents had the key and let the valuator in while i was at work). Their payment is still ready on the agreed date n price but they backed out. They had planned to trick me into paying 3-4 lakhs but thanks to Allah i lost only 20,000. Since the beginning they were lieing as initially they said the entire family of owner is abroad and then they said the family is here and i can see that they are gud people and therefore after visiting them give them cash for owners ticket. They also said that if the deal is cancelled the owner will pay double which they refused to do. Instead of acting as an agent they gave the owners contact number to me and gave my number to his family members who kept on calling me day and night and i kept on telling each one of them how the transaction will take place and kept on bearing their misbehavior. I am sharing this as awareness to all the new purchasers of property in defence karachi, especially women. Kindly share as much as u can to save others from these fraud agents.

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