Real To Reel – A Storytelling Show By Communita at T2F

They say, your reel life is the last and final stage of your real life and at some point in life, we all have wanted our life to be turned into a movie. Haven’t we?

So, do you have a real story worthy enough to be spooled up on reels? If so, then Communita offers you a chance to give your reality a fantastic touch.

About Communita:
Communita – Pakistan
is the first Storytelling platform of Pakistan, devoted to propel all forms of Storytelling arts in our communities through advocacy, promotion and education. It is our aim that our members represent all the facets of Storytelling from printed to oral and in the digital spectrum. Our members are exposed to narrating on the national level, connected with storytellers across the globe sharing similar interests and bolstered from multiple points of view on their Storytelling voyage.

Date: Sunday, 10th March, 2019
Time: 04 PM – 06 PM
Venue: The Second Floor (T2F)
Registration Fee: Rs. 350/-
Age Group: Teenagers and Adults
Event Link:

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