Red Emperor – First Authentic Hakka Chinese Restaurant in Pakistan

It takes a more than a lot to bring a huge but flavorful change to a cuisine without altering its authenticity. The cooks on all the local food channels have begun personalizing dishes from different cuisines which is a sheer waste because the local spices cannot make up for the authentic recipes. What is more is that these adulterated recipes are promoted as the real ones while the actual recipe lays forgotten somewhere in dust.

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Chinese cuisine faces a similar dilemma especially from these local cooks adding tons of turmeric or red chilies to brighten up the color of the dish. Real Chinese food does not need these sub-continent spices, neither is the cooking time hours on at an end.

Chinese cooking is one of the fastest cooking techniques ever because every element of the dish is sliced equally but to perfection while the meat is also sliced thinly so the cooking time for the veggies and the meat is at par without over doing the flavors. And above all, turmeric and desi or local spices are not part of Chinese cuisines; these local spices tend to make the meal heavy and greasy while Chinese food is the lightest because of minimum oil.

Red Emperor - First Authentic Hakka Chinese Restaurant in Pakistan

Another interesting element of the Chinese cooking is that it is cooked in a wok instead of pots and pans – the heat evenly distributes throughout the wok giving adequate temperature to cook the food evenly. The technique of cooking in wok is considered the quickest and thus Chinese is also known as Hakka Cuisine. Traditional Hakka Chinese at The Red Emperor should not be missed by the purists who love the authenticity of the cuisines.

Address: D-82, Block-4, Off 26th Street (Euro Tile Lane), Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35868394

The food served is pure authentic Chinese without the adulteration of the local spices or the sudden bursts of desi flavors. To begin with from the starters, the salt and pepper calamari is absolutely divine while not to be missed are the wontons and prawn balls. Tom Yan Goong (prawn) soup is a must have for anyone who is looking for a bowl full of fresh, tangy and sweet flavors.

A Chinese meal never begins without Deep fried prawn tempura and the ones on the menu beat all those being served around town. As far as the main courses are considered, the variety is endless. True Hakka Chinese in chicken, fish, and beef is available at Red Emperor. Chicken in black pepper can be enjoyed with steamed rice- the spiciness of the black pepper sets off wonderfully with the plain rice.

Another beauty to order would be the paper wrapped chicken and kindo chicken, both of which are bursting with exquisite flavors. The seafood lovers will find themselves right by the ocean, a must have dish is the Prawn chili dry and Cantonese Fish. Not a single dish on the menu deviates from the true Hakka Chinese cuisine which makes the food flavorful and all the more enjoyable. Red Emperor will surely live up to the expectations, so give it a try!

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