‘Red Mango’ – Frozen Yogurt and Dessert Cafe!

With the passage of time a deviation is noticed in the eating patterns of the people around. A lot more emphasis is now being given to eating right; high fat or carbohydrate elements in daily meals are reduced in quantity while greens, whole wheat breads and buns are incorporated. Similarly rich and heavy desserts high in calories are now being steadily replaced by frozen yogurt.

'Red Mango' - Frozen Yogurt and Dessert Cafe - DHA and Clifton KarachiThe idea and thought is to give the customers the feel and flavour of chilled smooth ice cream, but with a twist- It is in actual flavoured yoghurt with far lesser calories than a normal serving of the world favourite frozen delight- ice cream. Frozen yoghurts have taken the market by storm as weight conscious individuals turn to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings, literally deserting indulgence in rich desserts or ice creams.

Sensational and award winning American Fro-Yo and smoothie chain- Red Mango has arrived in K-town. The first outlet is located at Shop 1, Zamzama Mall, Mall Square, Main Zamzama Boulevard, Phase-V, while recently another outlet has opened at ‘The Place’ Mall in Phase 8. Henceforth satisfying the sweet tooth cravings will be easy; one can indulge in a wide array of sweet delicacies without feeling guilty about the calorie intake or cheating on diet plans. Be it the original soft and silky vanilla, aphrodisiac chocolate or the strong cappuccino- Red Mango Fro Yo all the way.

Nutella fans will jump with joy upon tasting one spoon of the nutty potion no 9 which is a blend of yoghurt and nutella. A slight sprinkle of candies, fresh fruit, nuts, syrups or chocolate will transform a simple cup of flavoured yoghurt into a mouth watering eye candy treat.

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Young ones and adults alike, enjoy selecting garnishes to deck their fro-yo cups; the choices offered and involvement is all part of the experience. The sight of a brightly decorated cup is sure to stimulate appetites. To believe that every individual has developed a taste for Fro-Yo would be over estimating its popularity since there are still some who would rather spend an additional hour on the exercise machine rather than substitute their dessert cravings with yoghurt.

'Red Mango' - Frozen Yogurt and Dessert Cafe - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Red Mango does not fail or disappoint on this note either; customers can choose between the smoothies or Parfaits. Fresh fruits are used to make lusciously thick spoon able smoothies whereas Parfait is a dessert with layers of no-fat yoghurt, fresh fruit and muesli. The Smoothies and Parfaits are a combination of different textures and packed full of flavour making each a loved treat for the novices and zealous fans.

To say that Red Mango has arrived is not enough, it has arrived but with delights altered for the local palate; Lassi but with a fruity twist. Lassi purists beware, this concoction may or may not please your taste buds, on the other hand it’s a must have for those who love twists. Lest one forgets Organic Coffee brews and blends are a brain child of Red Mango as well.

Let the cravings for sweets be an excuse to treat oneself-Indulge, Splurge, Bedeck each Fro-Yo at Red Mango guilt free.

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