Rejuvenate at Café Retreat

The Retreat is an high end sanctuary offering a state of the art gymnasium, pool, sauna, spa and salon all in one place. The membership and daily packages that are being offered currently make this place – The Retreat – exclusive.

The Retreat – Salon, Health Club & Cafe

As the word spreads across the social circles about The Retreat – its popularity is reaching new heights. Women and men are flocking in to get their hands on the premium membership packages so that they may relax in style. The retreat as the name suggests is meant to be a peaceful sanctuary wherein the visitors or clients can step in and enjoy an activity of their choice – whether it be a fitness regime or pampering at the spa.

While the mothers enjoy the spa, the children can enjoy swimming under strict supervision, but this does not mean that the guardian can let go completely. After a day of work out or spa treatment, the stomach would be roaring with hunger. It would be such a put off to drive down to a café or restaurant to satisfy the hunger pangs; the entire idea of relaxing is lost. The nee dof the hour is to step out of the spa or salon and sit out in a nicely spaced café right there; hence no driving or traffic issues.

The Retreat - Salon, Health Club & Cafe - Clifton Karachi

The Retreat is created along the line of these thoughts because they have a café on the premises. Clients can walk out and sit down to enjoy a light snack or a lunch with their girlfriends after spa treatment.

Address: D-2, Block 2, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35371700-3

The Retreat Café is open for everyone and not just exclusively for the members. So all those who are not the members need not be disappointed. The food served at The Retreat is as divine and exquisite as its status of being premium. From the starters – the sea food chowder is highly recommended to anyone who has an undying love for sea food. The seafood chowder can be complimented with a fresh Caesar salad.

So far so good, but the real food experience begins with the main courses; The Retreat signature burger is top of the list, while the Smoked Chicken Bacon Jalapeno Burger stands out equally. A healthier option of sandwiches is also available for the weight or health conscious people. Grilled chicken with veggies and a side of baked potatoes is sure to win over the health nuts.

Besides the burgers and sandwiches- steaks in 3 distinct choices are being offered so far; American, Italian or Pepper which is a tad bit disappointing. A meal at The Retreat Café ends only after trying some of the Orange and Chocolate Mousse.

As far as the meal pricing is concerned, it is slightly over priced, but it will not dent the pocket. The meal itself is well presented and full of flavor; it is enjoyed in a great serene surrounding unlike the normal restaurant set ups. A visit is worth the money and the effort.

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