Renovation By-Laws in DHA Karachi

Renovation of house is already a typical job, and it has requires lot of time and knowledge about all the technical work, and have to handle with labor and different kind of contractors, purchasing of materials and their different professionals. Besides all this, if the property exist in DHA Karachi it also requires the written permission to do all this from the DHA office.

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Renovation By-Laws in DHA Karachi

To do the renovation work, have to follow the following practice:

  • No Dues Certificate – To get this Permission, first it requires NDC (No Dues Certificate) from Cantonment Board Clifton. To get NDC, you have to clear all the outstanding dues against the property including Property Tax, Water and Conservancy Charges, Property Mutation Fees, Refurbishment Charges, Transfer Tax etc from all the concern departments.
  • Property Mutation – Property mutation is also required to get any kind of permission from any of concern department for the renovation.
  • Original Approved Plan – You have to follow the original approved plan for the property, which has been approved originally at the time of construction, and could not violate that plan in any direction.
  • Front Elevation Changes –  According to renovation plan, if it has to require the front elevation changes it has to approve all minor and major changes.
  • No Extra Construction – In the renovation work, no extra construction possible beyond the COS, in both directions vertical and horizontal.
  • Floor Addition – If the construction of house is originally single storey and in the renovation want to construct another storey, you have to re-approve the plan, and it requires to fulfill all the formalities when the plan was approved originally at the time of construction.
  • Written Permission – Without the written permission, no renovation work could possible in the DHA Karachi, and in case of any renovation work witnessed without obtaining permission, it will immediately stop by the Vigilance Staff of DHA. This kind of strictness also play a positive role according to security concern, because of this any unusual activity in any property immediately witnessed by the vigilance staff and take quick action in this regard if its requires.

This article is written by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates.

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