Review of SeaFiesta ‘Panko Crusted Fish Fillets’, ‘Panko Crusted Shrimps’ & ‘Raw Fish Fillets’

SeaFiesta – The Brand

SeaFiesta has made their name in international trading & export of seafood for 25 years by selling premium sea products. This is a subsidiary of Coastline Trading where they aim at providing high quality and healthy seafood to the market of Karachi seafood lovers. SeaFiesta – Sea the difference encourages you to visit their store and try variety of raw and ready to cook items.

Review of SeaFiesta ‘Panko Crusted Fish Fillets’, ‘Panko Crusted Shrimps’ & ‘Raw Fish Fillets’

DHA Today gets the opportunity to review their one of the top selling products like “Panko Crusted Fish Fillets” , ” Panko Crsuted Shrimps” & “Raw Fish Fillets”. Order was place a day before and was delivered very generously at the prescribed timings by their official rider. Frozen items are one of the critical items as far as the delivery is concerned, as they need to be deliver in accurate timings & temperature to maintain the taste and health of the product.


SeaFiesta deals in a number of sea products that includes Fish Fillets, Shrimps, Lobsters, Crabs. Their Unique Selling Preposition is their standard of preserving the products free from phosphates, Sulphites and MSG. Such standards makes them stand out in the local and international market. They offer all types of raw, frozen and ready to cook items. The products received by DHA Today are nicely cut and cleaned and were excellent in taste.

Panko Crusted Fish Fillets is one of their top selling ready to cook item having the taste of sizzling black pepper. The net weight of the product was 500 grams which was quite enough for a family dinner sideline. You just need to fry the fish fillets in deep hot oil and serve it with fries & ketchup for a perfect match. You get this taste when the premium seawater fish fillet mixes with salt, pepper, mixes spices, garlic, ginger, wheat flour, rice flour, eggs and Japanese style halal Panko bread crumbs.

Panko Crusted Shrimps is another ready to cook item received by us. It weighs 500 grams with cracked black pepper taste. It is a matter of just few minutes shallow fry and the tasty shrimps are in front of you. The product ingredients includes: Butterfly tail on shrimp, salt, pepper, mixes spices, garlic, ginger, wheat flour, rice flour, eggs and Japanese style halal Panko bread crumbs.

The Raw Fish Fillet was a naturally wild caught seafood which is free from water retaining chemicals and preservatives. It is nicely cut pan ready product which needs to be wash in cold water, add your favorite spices and cook. We tested it in the mixture of different spices dipped in Farina Flour and it came out to be delicious in the perfect shape.


Getting fresh seafood free from all unhygienic procedures has become difficult these days. You cannot trust the local suppliers. In these scenario, the outlet of SeaFiesta in Khadda Market is not less than a blessing. It is located at 31-C Stadium Lane 2 Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan. You can also approach them online at their facebook page or by contacting them at (92-21) 3-524-8811, 0310-263-6193.

When you enter their store, you will observe a high standard of organized arrangement in an air conditioned environment. You will notice ‘No Smell’ in the area which is purely impossible to achieve in a Seafood business. All products are placed at an arm reach in separate sections to help you make choice easily.


SeaFiesta would get a rating of 8/10 in terms of their packaging strategy. Starting with their logo till the product look all looked high professional and integrated. Their Ready to cook products delivers in a box which highlights the following information:

  • Brand logo
  • Weight
  • Product picture
  • USP
  • Storage Guide
  • Ingredients
  • Cooking instructions
  • Contact information
  • Bar code & Expiry date

While their Raw Fish was received in a plastic tray wrapped professionally in a plastic bag. It packaging includes:

  • A see-through plastic wrapping
  • Brand logo
  • USP
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Expiry
  • Contact information

Suggestions by DHA Today:

Following are the general suggestions DHA Today came up after consuming Sea Fiesta products:

  1.  SeaFiesta is getting fame day by day due to their quality product and service but their delivery service is only confined to Defence & Clifton which might making them loose a big customer market of Karachi.
  2. Food market is a sensitive market as far as the taste is concerned. Seafood lovers would be grabbing their products really fast but for new customers, they might take time to get used to their taste.
  3. Beside “Black Pepper”, mixture of different spices can make them increase their product variants.
  4. The Packaging of the products might get damage during delivering. Dedicated containers can be used to maintain their product packages.
  5. Complementary accessory like a “fridge Magnet” can make their brand to stay at top of their customer mind recall.

So, whether it is a casual gathering or a uncertain hunger, SeaFiesta products works as an immediate solution to satisfy your needs. DHA Today highly recommends their delicious products to get the healthy benefits of seafood for your family. Order Now at the following details:

Address: 31-C Stadium Lane 2 Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: (92-21) 3-524-8811, 0310-263-6193

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