Routine Work by Cantonment Board Clifton on 4th August, 2020

Maintenance of Green Belt at Korangi Road.

Routine Sweeping and Cleaning – Commercial Avenue DHA

Wild buahes Removal From Different Places in DHA

Grass Cutting Work at Ittehad Road Near Aisha Masjid DHA

Cleaning and Sweeping at Different Locations in DHA

Debris lifting at commercial avenue cross shahbaz DHA

Rubbish bin paint work

Removal of wild growth at Kalapul Center Median.

Cleaning work at Khayaban e Bader cross Khayaban e Ittehad DHA

Drain Top / Drain Slab Repairing is in progress at Khayaban e Seher, Phase VI DHA

Cleaning of Roads Sides and Mud / Garbage Removal at different places in DHA

Repairing of 10″dia main water supply line Valve’s short piece leakage has at Khayaban-e-Sehar DHA

Anti dengue / Malaria fumigation in Phase I & Dehli Colony.

Maintenance of parks, Green belts & Triangles at :
FWO Roundabout.
16 Staff Lane.
Korangi Road.
Bait us Salaam Masjid.

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