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Royal Weddings at The Imperial Banquet Marquee

For the once in a lifetime moment, the preparations have to be extra special and over the top. Not a single stone should be left unturned in the wedding preparations; every single bit right from the venue till the cutlery has to be spot on.

Best Reception Venues in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Wedding arrangements are difficult to manage especially with the amount of work that needs to be done. The tinniest details have to be looked after; the decision making authority rests with a selected group of people who cannot be present everywhere every time. Decisions are delayed because of the unavailability of the people who have to decide. No wonder after the weddings are over, the families complain about a much needed holiday to de-stress.

Simultaneously with the wedding preparations on the go are the functions looming around the corner. Menu, cards, venue, flower arrangements, all of this need to be coordinated by a handful of people. The 24 hours in a day often seem less to those who have a wedding going on in their homes.

Royal Weddings at The Imperial Banquet Marquee - Clifton and DHA Karachi

Now if wedding decorations had to be simple and nothing too extraordinary, arranging would not be a problem, but since this is the day when two souls unite and become one: more is less. Weddings need the special care and attention to details especially if there is a theme to be followed. For all the wedding preparations woes, a simple solution looms before us; one that entails high end magical weddings to its credits. This is The Imperial by Nizam.

Address: 4-C, Sunset Boulevard, Phase-II, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35384637 and 021-35384638
Email: sales@nizamevents.com
Website: http://www.nizamevents.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nizamevents/

The new Imperial Marina Club Area 3 Marquee in Phase VIII is the Royal Location every couple wants to have for their weddings. Nizam is extremely famous throughout Pakistan for their mesmerizing concepts for wedding planning and event services.

Events or weddings arranged by Nizam boast high-end elegance and magnificence. They promises to take care of every fine detail for their clients; all the clients need to do is set up an appointment and then sit down to discuss the wide variety of choices.

To begin with is the décor of the venue; the luxurious set up will be reminiscent of a royal wedding. First step first is the decision of the wedding colour themes, followed by the seating arrangement for the guests. The center pieces for the table are the finest pieces of flower arrangements ever to be seen.

Furthermore the stage’s designed and arranged by Nizam for the couple are nothing less than a piece straight from heaven. The flowers, mirrors and seating arrangements will be majestic. A happier moment there will not be than when the bride and groom see the venue done to royal elegance exactly how they imagined it.

A wedding is remembered for two things: firstly the food and then the décor. While the decorations are handled by the best professionals at Nizam, the menu is in safer hands. The menu at Nizam offers prime quality cuisines prepared by the best chef’s- the clients can choose from desi, Japanese or Chinese. Weddings arranged by Nizam will be remembered by the guests for their out-class service and quality forever

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  1. Uzair Mirza says:

    Looking for wedding venue on 5th Aug 2017. Kindly provide the total expense that is apparentand hidden for 500 guest arrangement.


    Uzair Mirza

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