Sabs The Salon- A Glamorous Journey For The Brides!

The one true wish of every girl is to have a dream wedding- the perfect fantasy wedding dreamed off since childhood. Weddings in every culture are extremely special occasions. It is a time when two families come together and become a larger well knit family. Every individual works tirelessly to make this auspicious occasion magnificent for the couple and the families.

Both the bride and groom have an ideal wedding imagined; where everything right from the table setting till the dresses has to be perfect. Friends and family pitch in help and efforts to make this day remember able for the couple. With all the preparations for the wedding underway, the million dollar question every individual asks before the big day is: Which salon will the bride be going to for her makeup?

Before the bride and the families decide, they tend to take reviews of previous brides from the family; a frantic internet search for the best bridal make up in town is carried out. While the groom enjoys his time and pampering, the bride is on the hunt for the best salon to go to for her big day.

Assuming the bride finds the perfect salon then comes the part of the booking. God help if it is wedding season- partly because services tend to fall in terms of quality or the makeup artist may not be available. Makeup for the bride on her wedding day has to be flawless; it is the most essential element to making the day special. All eyes will be on the bride and a badly done makeup will be her worst nightmare. Thus many brides tend to seek opinions from friends and families before finalizing one option. This may be the next most important decision by the bride after that of marrying.

Sabs The Salon- A Glamorous Journey For The Brides!To-be brides should cease all worries because they will add fine lines and wrinkles which will not add to the beauty most certainly. The perfect solution lies at Sabs The Salon.

Founded in 2001, Sabs salon is currently one of the biggest professional salons in Pakistan. It is a premier salon offering professional services by a team which is led by the legendary Saba Ansari.

Address: 4-C Farooq Heights, 36th Commercial Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35372157-58, 021-35294936, 0300-2186310

The widely accepted choice of numerous brides- brides can opt for a bold look to go with their modern dresses for the wedding or valima- a choice many prefer to pick. The makeup though bold, will add elegance and charm to the brides. Brides need not worry about a run of the mill make up because at Sabs, the minutest details are taken into account and discussed at length.

All apprehension of the brides will falter in the face of extreme professionalism and care that is offered at Sabs. A vast majority of the to-be-brides opt for Sabs for their special day because of the popularity, which is highly justified. Brides to be will feel safe with the professional care offered at Sabs Salon. Lest the bookings fill up, go on and book appointments for the big day.

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