‘Sacrifice Tranquilly This Year’- Qurbani Services 2018 Offered at DHA Karachi

Sacrifice is the core and spirit of the great occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. While a majority of the Pakistani population prefers to make qurbani by their own hands, a number of people are advocates of a hassle free, time saving method of fulfilling this religious obligation…. The qurbani services. They are highly convenient for those who do not have much time on their hands to visit a bakra mandi, are on busy schedule, cannot/do not want to package, sort and store meat by themselves. Plus these services help a lot to keep environment clean in my opinion. There are 3 such meat shops in DHA that are offering sacrificial services this Eid-ul-Azha to ensure your peace of mind. Read about them and decide for yourself.


The great things about Meat One are that:

  • It is Shariaah complaint.
  • It consumes best animals and has expert butchers and safe & elaborate packaging.
  • All the process of butchering, packaging and delivering is done in a highly controlled temperature to ensure health, safety and quality.

Its Qurbani services are really to be marveled at. You just have to book your qurbani and pick up the meat. It is absolute value for money and trustworthy because:

  • The meat is kept inside an insulated box and kept cold with dry ice.
  • The meat is well-cut, clean and divided into separate sealed plastic bags.
  • It is packaged in easy-to-consume-immediately categories; mix boti, liver, thighs etc.

Meat One has got trust of hundreds of customers due to its quality assurance and good management. You should definitely give it a try.


Zabeeha is a brand store for meat launched this year in DHA Phase 6 by Fauji Meats Limited. It has been doing a good job since and delivering fresh and good quality meat all over the area. All types of meat is sold here and people are satisfied. They have now offered Qurbani services this Eid-ul-Azha both for the convenience of the customers and to gain more of their trust. Since they are a new establishment they have a limited stock of cows and goats but they have claimed to do the job well. They are offering portions as well as full cows as you wish. Give it a try and let’s see if they keep their standards as high as they claim.


This small shop The Meat Shop in DHA has got a limited stock of goats for the residents to select and avoid the hustle and bustle of the goat market. You get to select your animals in peace and minimal ba-rgain.

All said and done, Qurbani services are an efficient way to offer sacrifice and to deliver duties as responsible and concerned citizens. Avail yourself and encourage people around you also. Spend a contented Eid!

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