Sale For Men To Go Crazy About at Cambridge

Women are constantly pestered for being extreme shopaholics. It is believed and witnessed that a woman will stop and look at even the tiniest of the stalls in a location to inquire about the product’s design and prices. They are known to nag and bicker with shop keepers to cut down on prices and often end up winning the deal on their own terms. To sum up women may be shopaholics of the greatest degree.

Most of what is said about the shopping habits of a woman is true, but nowhere does it suggest that men are docile and submissive customers in terms of spending. Whilst the focus remains entirely on a woman because of her larger than life personality, men will score great deals on products in their own ways.

Men are known to strike up a conversation and then direct it towards the products in question when at a shop. While women are given credits about being shopaholics, men are not far behind. When out shopping for ensembles for work or an occasion, men are known to get the best bargains. Now consider men at a sale. An extremely unusual sight, not in the least bit common or easy to digest, but a sight nevertheless.

Sale For Men To Go Crazy About at CambridgeDressing people up since 1958 is a store none other than Cambridge. Masters of the art of tailoring since 1958; Cambridge has it all from suits to denim and everything in between for everyone.

The craftsmanship is a testimony to their dedication towards ensuring customers a look and feel they would love.


  • The Forum, Clifton
  • Park Tower, Clifton
  • Dolmen City, Clifton

Sewed with the same commitment, Cambridge is moving into tomorrow with a promise that perfection will never get out of style. Thus a winter clearance sale of up to 50% is a must visit while it lasts. To start off, this sale for the greater part caters to men mostly.

Cotton Kurta’s are on a sale of 20%, ideal buys for daily wear or for a casual Friday at work. Besides the Kurta’s, slim fit chino pants for young boys and men are available in a wide range of colours- who says colour is only for women. Not to be missed are the casual T shirts in unfathomable colours which could be paired with jeans for an informal day out; the T shirts would suit men and boys alike. So far so good, but the best is yet to come.

Deciding clothes for office is a nightmare for men because they need to look sharp and well dressed. The right combination of formal office shirts should be matched with the perfect trousers and ties to complement the entire ensemble. Nowhere near an easy task as it seems, the slightest miscalculation and the image is at risk.

Clothes for office are often a lot more costly than the informal wear, thus a sale on the formal wear at Cambridge is the ideal opportunity to avail. Men can sift through a wide collection of formal shirts and trousers to buy for their work hours at reasonable rates. Amazing discounts of up to 50% on formals will ensure men a constant supply of the best clothes throughout the season without any hesitations about the budget.

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