Sale of the Season by Al-Karam Studio

Winters have made a final bow, ready to exit for this year. Ensembles for this year created waves with their contemporary designs and patterns, besides these; the colours were bright and vibrant for some while many preferred the pastel palates. All in all, it had been a good year for winter wear.

Women flocked to the outlets as soon as the word spread about the winter ensembles launch; it was similar to buying survival gear. Anytime winter wear is launched whether before or during winters, the prices are sky high and the question arises why not? It takes months of planning, designing and pre-launch preparation to make it big in the market.

Another aspect, which adds to the sky high prices for ensembles, is the uniqueness of the designs- it is of the utmost importance that the designs and patterns be not repeated- only then will the customers be prepared to pay the cost. A winter clearance sale offering nearly bargain prices on its ensembles is too good to pass. Especially if the sale in conversation is at a huge local brand name; this is the sale to be at.

AlKaram Textile Mills Pvt Ltd was founded in 1986, because of its stunning designs and unique use of colour palates, they became a household name. Building on the strength of Alkaram Textiles, the concept was created for customers to experience the depth, range and creativity of the Alkaram product portfolio.

Sale of the Season by Al-Karam Studio

From fashion fabrics and apparel to kids- wear, home textiles, to home-ware needs, Alkaram Studio is a complete creative concept where customers can realize their dreams and aspirations. Alkaram Studio is a perfect haven for aesthetically-inclined women. AlKaram Studio is located at Emerald Tower, II Talwar Clifton.

As of now, this very moment, a sale of up to 50% is being offered at AlKaram Studio’s: stitched till 50%, Home textile up to 50%, Fabric (Unstitched) up to 25%. This is just the tip of the ice-berg- even though winters have gone; shawls on sale would make amazing presents for friends or relatives abroad.

Designs by Umar Sayeed Festival 2013 are also up for grabs, the prices ranges anywhere between 3900 till 5000. This might not seem like bargain deals, but originally the prices were a lot more. Ladies and young girls, who missed out on the sale earlier on, now have the perfect opportunity to shop. The Allure 2013 collection has also gone up for sale- light pastel colours with thread work in 3 piece suits are now available at an amazing price of 4700 instead of 5700. This is the real deal! If women are still wondering about their course of action, they will be left wondering while the others sweep away the best deals. Noteworthy is the fact that with the prices being paid for each dress, customers get every penny’s worth in terms of quality, uniqueness and style.

Thus it does not take a scientist to figure out how important this sale is; women should head away straight to AlKaram Studios and shop till they get the best.

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