Samia & Azmay Shahzada – High End Elegance!

Essentials to complete any wardrobe are shoes. The most exquisite wardrobe will be simplistic and incomplete without the right pair of shoes. A true horror story would be to wear a pair of shoes which would kill the look of an ensemble.

Shoes heavily studded in thick chunky diamantes in an overly bright colour are now a fashion of the past, such shoes are overkill. Earlier on shoes came in two categories: stylish and comfortable. The stylish shoes would be about lots of bling and designs, whereas the other category of shoes was comfortable yet not very appealing. Thus women were in a fix- they had to sacrifice one for the other.

Choices in shoes were no doubt extremely vast but at a great opportunity cost. Grand shoe stores scattered all around Karachi have shoes available in the two mentioned categories with their own brand names, but the irony is that nearly all the shoes available in these stores have similar designs, patterns and colours. Nothing extraordinary stands out; it is a mass production of shoes sold under different brand names. Thus customers are reduced to buying nearly similar shoes year after year. A change that may be noticed is switching the sides of the straps, changing the length of the heel or altering the designs slightly to give a fresh look.

The monotonous routine of old shoe designs making grand appearances seems like an effort to fool the customers, but if the customers stay quiet does not mean they are not tired. On the other hand is a sister duo who have worked tirelessly since 1998, finally succeeding in opening their first standalone retail store in Karachi in the year 2002.

This sister duo is extremely well known for pioneering the concept of formal wear shoes whilst adding Swarovski crystal mesh and brooches- ideas unheard and unseen initially. The ideas clicked amongst the customers and very soon the sister duo became the champions in formal foot wear designed to perfection and international standards of fashion.

Samia & Azmay ShahzadaThis is Samia and Azmay. An exquisite quality of shoes from Saima and Azmay is that they work with the finest leather worked on by the best craftsmen.

Furthermore the brooches are also designed by the duo themselves- the shoes begin from scratch and turn out to the most wanted and popular foot wear in Pakistan.


Their first store is located at Zamzama, while another stores are located at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Park Towers, The Forum and The Ocean Mall. Women can now indulge in the luxurious footwear from Samia and Azmay without having to sacrifice their comforts. The wedding festival continues along with the season of spring right around the corner; this means ladies will be out and about.

Samia and Azmay deal in shoes for young girls as well, so now mothers and daughters can set out together and create their own style statements with this comfortable footwear. Weddings are a season for high end fashion styles; shoes from Samia and Azmay will be the right choice to complement any dress.

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