Savor Karak Chai

Chai and dhaba always run by pathan in Karachi. The strong flavor of tea leaves, chai is never considered as a lavish drink back before, but now tea lovers can’t resist their temptation for tea. Chai dhaba and tea cafe symbolically working so hard to serve chai among all age group of people.

SAVOR-KARAK CHAI, located at Defence Karachi, is authentically an amazing place for perfect cup of tea. Simple yet quite cozy place with truck art wall designs and elegant decor will surely make you down a few glasses of its karak chai because of its ambiance and affordability. Karak chai, traditionally serve you lip-licking and mouth-watering taste of chai and kawa in totally desi style. Limited number of seating arrangement with unique smell of chai patti with a blend of organic herbs will eventually boost your mood.

A cup of tea always needed to get relaxation with delightful manner in calm and comfortable environment. Cafe also serve Nutella bite with chai cup. Snacks variety will also win your heart as samosa, rolls, patties and other variety are made with succulent taste of perfection.

Karak chai serve Dhood Patti, Karak Chai, Kashmiri Chai, Green Tea, Adrak Chai, Pudina Chai, Lemon Green Tea, Elaichi Chai, Special Chai, Saffron Chai Chocolate Chai and other varieties in traditional style.

Address: Defence, Phase 8, Savor Boating Club, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan-75500
Phone: 0346 1113886

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