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The most alluring and inviting fragrance is usually from a flower; one whiff is just enough to turn heads around and a number of questions about the source are asked immediately. Women tend to harbor great love for fragrances while some men share the passion with equal fervor.

Traditionally from the time of the Mughals, women were adorned with scents taken fresh from the flowers or herbs. Fragrances were incorporated in the daily beauty regime by the women of the Mughal Empire, an entire task force was appointed to trial and test the best possible scents which would appeals to the ladies.

Surprisingly the women did not just use these fragrances as perfumes, on the contrary, they were added to the water before a bath or smoked near the hair. Only after hard laborious work of many days would the chief fragrance manufacturer be able to siphon out a small vial of the essence from the flowers- the price unquotable.

Fragrances were the first choice by many visitors or delegations to present to the Royal family at the time of a visit. Ideally speaking, these fragrances were meant to be strong such that the scent would reach before the person in question and announce their arrival without having to say it out loud- and quite frankly it worked extremely well.

The women and men of the Mughal era paid extra care to the kind of scents which they would adorn- preferably light or flower while some would opt for heavily scented ones. The team responsible for procuring the scents would be able to extract only small vials which were then either diluted or applied in their original state.

Scentsation - Branded Fragrances, Cosmetics & Skin Care - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Today the same trend for the love of perfumes continues. Women will flock the shops to buy the best possible perfumes, however the brands today are far more costly than before. Each perfume brand has made it a priority to come up with a wide but exclusive range of scents which would appeal to the different demographics of women whether working or non-working.

Women in K-town are crazy after the international perfume brands, but unluckily they have to spend quite a lot of time in wait for these to come here, unless someone is going abroad. Scentasation was the first one of its kind outlet specifically for perfumes and cosmetics only- carrying only the known international brand names.

Scentsation outlets were opened up in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Park Towers Shopping Mall, Farids, Emerald Tower; however very recently a new outlet has opened up at The Forum Shopping Mall near EBCO. Scentsation at The Forum has already gathered a huge fan following as women enjoy shopping for groceries as well as looking into the latest perfume wear.

Scentsation offers perfumes from brand names such as Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Gucci, Prada and many more. The international travel is not a necessity to get hands on the latest perfumes because the opening of Scentsation has done wonders.

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  1. Farooq khan says:

    White plus Emulsion Eclaircissante hydratante spf20 I need this?

  2. Murtajiz H M Jafri says:

    Scentsation is selling fake and counterfeit perfumes as I bought Bleu De Chanel from dollmen Mall Clifton which didn’t have lasting even for an hour. Now they brighter refund not exchange the perfume and instead misbehave when I call to resolve the matter.

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