Science ka Adda: Quantum Information by Abdullah Khalid at T2F

Quantum theory provides the best model we have of the physical world around us, which explains the non-intuitive behaviour of atoms and fundamental particles, and sometimes makes surprising predictions about what is physically possible in our universe. One such prediction is that it is possible to build quantum computers, machines built on the principles of quantum theory, that can solve certain problems much faster than computers built on the principles of classical physics.

One of the computational problems that is easy for quantum computers is factorising large numbers. This rather simple problem is the main basis of the encryption systems that protect our emails, credit card transactions and military communications from being hacked. Currently, countries across the world are pouring billions of dollars into trying to build the first large quantum computer, and whoever constructs one first will have a tremendous economic and military advantage over every other country.

Fortunately, quantum theory also predicts the existence of quantum cryptography, which provides a way to easily and securely communicate even in the presence of an adversarial quantum computer.
In this talk, The Second Floor will discuss why quantum computers are simultaneously useful and dangerous and how their dangers can be alleviated, with particular emphasis on what Pakistan can do in the coming quantum computing age.

About the Speaker:
Abdullah Khalid
received his doctorate in Physics, in quantum information, from the University of Calgary in 2018, which was a followup from his undergraduate degree in Physics from LUMS. His research interests revolve around the limits quantum theory and relativity place on computation and information processing. He hopes that his research can shed light on the fundamental questions that plague the field of physics, advance the frontiers of technology, and inform public debates on the role of science in modern society. He is currently an assistant professor at Habib University in Karachi.

Date: Thursday, 3rd October 2019
Timings: 07:30 PM – 09:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.100/-
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