Sector 3 – The Vanguard Sector of DHA City Karachi (DCK) Opening for Construction Soon!

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is a uniquely planned, sustainable and green project of Pakistan, which is being developed as a city of international stature at a galloping pace in accordance with a dynamic development policy. The pace of development going on with a professional exuberance is impressive and substantiates DHA’s credibility in the field of housing and development. DCK project has all the potential to provide an ambience of modern, secure and comfortable living experience to its residents.


Sector-3 is the prime sector of DCK where the infrastructure and sector development work has been substantially completed and handing/taking over of the sector is in progress. The work on provision of basic facilities/amenities of life including construction of buildings of social/community utility is progressing at a phenomenal pace and will be completed soon before the sector is opened for construction by the end of this year.

The quality, standard and pace of development on all accounts is simply superb and magnificent. A review of development of various facets of Sector-3 is as under.

  • Infrastructure Development Work: The infrastructure development work as per the highest engineering standards of excellence has been fully completed. These works include roads, sewerage network, water supply lines and structures etc. The work on laying of Sui gas lines and ICT Network is starting shortly. The contractor has already mobilized to the site.
  • Provision of Basic Amenities: The provision of basic amenities of life including water, electricity and gas in Sector-3 before it is opened for construction in being ensured. Underground water of high quality is available in the area which will meet water requirements of the sector. As far as electricity is concerned apart from conventional source of electricity for which laying of electric underground lines is going on, the initial demand of Sector-3 will be met thorough 1.5 MW Solar Energy project which has been completed and will be commissioned soon. Arrangements for provision of compressed natural gas have also been made for which work on lying of gas pipelines is going on.

Sector-3 with all infrastructural facilities is distinguished as the first sector of DCK that will be opened for construction this year. The work on development of amenity/essential buildings is fastly moving ahead that will supplement/augment the concept of livability in the area. To ensure high quality living some essential interventions have been made to realize the cherished objectives of livability in true letter and spirit. The progress of development of essential/amenity buildings in the sector embodying contemporary architectural trends is as under.

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1. College:

The construction of a College in Sector-3 is starting soon. The contractor has already moved to the site and the formal groundbreaking ceremony is planned to be held soon.


2. Kindergarten:

The building structure has been completed while finishing/furnishing work is in progress.


3. Masjid:

The work on construction of a state-of-the-art Masjid in Sector-3 is going on at full speed. The structure has been raised and finishing work is in progress.


4. School:

The work on construction of a school building has started and going on with vigour and speed. This will be completed before Sector-3 is opened for construction.


5. ICT & Security Building:

The construction work is near finishing while furnishing/renovation work is in progress.


6. Commercial Building:

The construction of state-of-the-art commercial building has almost been completed. Furnishing / finishing work is in progress.


7. Health Care Centre:

The construction of the health care center is almost complete and the furnishing/finishing work is in progress.


Up-Coming Development in Sector-3 (C4 Piazza)

up-coming-development-in-sector-3-c4-piazza-01 up-coming-development-in-sector-3-c4-piazza-02

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    Can you share further details, like price and unstallments of different size plots.

  2. Asif iqbal says:

    Is there any planned offer for residential plots in near future?

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