Sector E-8 has been Energized and Electricity has been made Available!

DHA Phase-VIII is the biggest, model and vibrant phase of Defence Housing Authority which has been developed as per the modern master plan showcasing the progressive image of DHA. Many Sectors of Phase-VIII have however yet to be opened for construction due to non availability of basic utilities foremost being electric power. Efforts for provision of electricity have been continuing in the area for the last twenty years.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali has an obsession and passionate desire to electrify all the sectors in DHA Phase-VIII at the earliest. Electrical Section of DHA Phase-VIII Development Directorate under the passionate guidance/instructions of Administrator worked round the clock in close coordination with KE to electrify Sector E-8. As a result of these concerted efforts, Sector E-8 has been energized and electricity has been made available in the area. This is a great engineering feat which will not only pave the way for opening the sector for construction but is a harbinger of a new era of progress and prosperity in the area.

Sector E-8, Sahil Street’s Grid Station has been energized through hectic erstwhile efforts of Electrical Section Phase-VIII Development Directorate. Two Eleven KVA feeder lines coming from DHA Grid Station-I (Sec-A) have energized Sector E-8 making electricity available in the area. Administrator appreciated the dedication, professional exuberance and round the clock hard work of engineers and technicians of Phase-VIII Electrical setup for energizing the area. He termed it as a stepping stone forward towards Phase-VIII development.

Administrator asked Phase-VIII Development Directorate to leave no stone unturned in ensuring availability of electric energy and other utilities in the area. He asked Director Development Phase-VIII to concentrate all their energies towards making availability of electricity in Sector-C of Phase-VIII at the earliest so that the sector is opened for construction soon.

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