Sector E-8 of DHA Karachi (Phase-VIII) Opens for Construction

Inauguration of Sector E-8 of DHA Karachi Phase-VIII marking the opening of the sector for construction was held in a simple and graceful ceremony at the project site. Lt Gen Shahid Baig Mirza, Commander 5 Corps who is also President Executive Board DHA was the chief guest of the ceremony who unveiled the plaque to inaugurate the newly developed sector of Phase-VIII.

Sector E-8 has been developed as a hub of residential cum commercial centre along Seaview Beach overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea and has all the basic utilities of life for a vibrant, dynamic and comfortable living.

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Corps Commander commended DHA on developing Sector E-8 as per the highest standards of engineering excellence that substantiates the credibility of DHA as a strong organization in the field of housing and development in the country.

He said that it was reassuring that development of all sectors of DHA Phase-VIII have been completed as per the international standards however he directed DHA to intensify its efforts to ensure availability of basic utilities of electricity, water and gas in other Sectors of Phase-VIII at the earliest. He said that opening of all sectors of Phase-VIII for construction will unleash dawn of a new era of progress and development in the area.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali said that inauguration of Sector E-8 was an event beyond symbolic significance that will give a boost to the momentum with which the remaining sectors of Phase-VIII were being completed for opening in the near future. He said that DHA would leave no stone unturned in ensuring basic utilities in the area despite persisting serious electricity shortages, gas shortfalls and water crisis in the country. He reiterated DHA’s resolve to give a qualitative lifestyle to its residents that enriches their lives.

A large number of people including members of Residents’ Associations, Defclarea, prominent citizens and DHA officers attended the ceremony.

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  1. ALI says:

    Is sector E8 the same as Zone E?

  2. shamshad says:

    what about D sector of 8

  3. FEROZ says:

    Is it likely that prices in E-8 will increase and what would be the effect of any price increase in E-8 on other phases including other sectors of PH-VIII

    Any expert view on it?

  4. Ali says:

    Is E8 the same as zone E

  5. Price list of plots is required plz

  6. Zubair khanzada says:

    Good News,
    After 30 years of launching of phase 8, finally DHA allowed construction of phase E only ? Wht about sector D-8 ??? OR
    We should wait for retirement of new Corp Commander

  7. Adil says:

    How about zone C,D & E. I called DHA office few days back and was verbally told that it will be done before the end of this year. I don’t trust them anymore.
    They are more interested in DHA city where they still have the potential to make more money.

  8. Iqbal Mohammed says:

    What will be the future of Sahil commercial next 6 months

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