Sehri at Biryani of the Seas (BOTS) – Like Never Before!

Ramadan is just around the corner, a day away literally. As the men prepare for the beginning of the Taraweeh Prayers, the women start preparation for the first Sehri. The young children are more than eager to participate and it is with great difficulty that parents are able to control and make them understand that they are too young right now.

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The fervor is worth witnessing, it is this spiritual feeling which surrounds the people. Giving of alms and charity is at its peak, this is one time when the true Muslim spirit emerges unbound by race, cast or creed. All that matter is giving as much as one can and taking in the blessings of the month.

Even though all the months of the Muslim calendar are important and hold significant value, the month of Ramadan brings a completely different feeling with it. When the month of Ramadan is here, people are overcome with joy whereas when it is time for Ramadan to go, it leaves the people crying. Only participating or witnessing the month of Ramadan is enough to bring alive the true Muslim spirit.

Sehri at Biryani of the Seas (BOTS) - Like Never Before!Now even though the iftar seems to be the most important meal of the day- it is the time when the fast is broken- and people lay great emphasis on the spread at iftar, very few realize it is the sehri which should be emphasized upon. The fast begins with sehri before the morning call of prayers (fajar). Ladies of the house take it upon themselves to prepare the sehri in the evening before it is meant to be consumed.

The likes in sehri include eggs, paratha’s, gravies, dates, milk or even bread and butter. All that which one would consume on a normal breakfast in the morning. But because Ramadan is a special month and it is during this month that people hardly sleep in the night- because it is considered the time for prayers and devotion- that sehri are to be heavy and grand.

Cooking grand sehris at home for the next 30 days is next to impossible for the ladies of the house, so where to, if one has to fulfill the desire of the stomach? Well Biryani of the Seas better known in the foodie world as BOTS is catering to this whim and making it a reality.

Address: Shop No. 20, Prince Complex, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35219090, 021-35421190

On the menu at BOTS are the following dishes: Chicken Qourma, Aloo Qeema, Prawn Omelet, Fish and chicken Biryani, BBQ fish Bihari and naan or paratha only for Rs 650 per head while children under 10 eat for free.

Give the housewives a break once and head to BOTS for a hearty sehri meal similar in taste to the ones cooked at home. Also added to the menu is the selection of tea and the sehri delights of doodh and pheni.

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