Seminar on ‘Parenting for Growing Children’ at Defence Authority SKBZ College

A Seminar on ‘Parenting for Growing Children‘ was held at Defence Authority SKBZ College. The highly informative seminar was conducted by Lt Col Amjad Karim (Retd), the father of world youngest Microsoft certified professional and cyber princess of Pakistan late Arfa Karim. It was a very inspiring and informative seminar in which the significance and importance of ‘Parenting by Heart’ was highlighted so essential for intellectual development of child in his embryonic stage of learning.

Mr Amjad Karim said that the warmth, care and attention which a child receives in childhood greatly impact the development of his/her IQ, emotional quotient, perceptions and attitude towards life. He said that every child has some distinctive and unique quality which parents can identify and bring the best in the child through effective and careful parenting. He said that encouragement and appreciation of child is key to successful parenting. He added that parenting is synonymous to gardening; the seedlings sown in childhood determine the future growth and success of a child. He emphasized that imprints and impressions formed on unfolding minds of children in the formative years have a lasting impact on formation of character, outlook and personality of a person.

The distinguished speaker spoke his heart and soul out of his own personal experience. He said that he had transformed his personal calamity into opportunity through counseling and grooming of people on effective ways of parenting as a mission of his life. He described parenting as a labour of love implying protecting, forgiving, caring and taking out the fear of failure from child. He said that parenting is friendship with child, loving him/her and sharing the small pleasures of life for a happy, successful and rewarding future.

Director Education DHA Brig (R) Sardar Muhammad said that inculcating values of life in a child by parents constitute legacy of parenting which determine the soundness of child’s character and personality in future. A large number of parents of students from different DHA Educational Institutions attended the seminar.

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