Seminar: The multiple identities of Jhulelal at AFK

The Alliance Française de Karachi, the Centre for South Asian Studies (CNRS-EHESS, Paris) and the Centre for Social Sciences in Karachi present

Exploring shared religious legacy from archaeology to anthropology: 
The multiple identities of Jhulelal and other case studies

14:00- Welcome by Gilles Pascal, Director of the AFK

14:05 -Welcome by Michel Boivin, Director of CSSK and of CEIAS

The Archeology and Architecture of Jhulelal
Chair: Humera Naz, University of Karachi

14:10 – Varun Devmandir in Manora : a Survey
Asma Ibrahim (State Bank of Pakistan Museum)

14 :40 – Renovating Daryalal in Custom House
Syed Haider Raza Zaidi (architect)

15:10 – The Darbar of Uderolal as caravanserai
Masooma Shakir (N. E. D. University)

Jhulelal amidst society and sites
Chair: Mohan Devraj Thontya, Greenwhich University

15 :40 – Authority and social hierarchy in Jhulelal’s path
Michel Boivin (CNRS-CEIAS/CSSK)

16:10 – Jhulelal’s fieldwork: reports by N. E.D. students
Sohaib Ahmed, Minhal Shamin, Iqra Gulzar, Tazeen Shaikh

17:00 – Tea Break

Sacred Geographies of Las Bela
Chair: Hasan Ali Khan, Habib University

17:50 – Introducing Sacred geographies of Las Bela
Noman Baig (Habib University)

17:30 – Reports by Habib University students
Umrat Khan, Fatima Matamat, Nisa Khurram Hafeez, Syeda Tayyaba Mahmood, fd Shanil Khowaja, Aymen Ansari

18:50 – Concluding comments by Kaleem Lashari
(Antiquities and Physical Heritage Govt. of Sindh)

19:15 – Opening of the photo exhibition

Shared sacred places in South Asia and beyond: the case study of Udero Lal in Pakistan by Michel Boivin with the Udero Lal Research Project (URLP)

Free entry, all welcome to attend.

Venue:  Allaince Francaise De Karachi
Date: 7th November, 2018
Day: Wednesday
Time: 2 pm – 7:30 pm
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