Shab-e-Mairaj Being Observed

Masjid-e-Tooba, DHA Karachi

Shab-e-Meraj,the night of ascent when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to the highest levels of Heavens, is being observed on Thursday, 6th June 2013 night across the country with religious devotion, serenity and traditional fervor.

The word Meraj is derived from Arabic word Urooj, which means ‘height,’ or ‘ascension.’ During Meraj, the command for five daily prayers (Salat) was also given to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

To mark Shab-e-Meraj, the houses, streets and specially mosques are decorated with colorful pennants and buntings whereas at night these are well illuminated by means of electric lights, candles or even oil lamps.

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