Shahadat of DHA Vigilance Field Inspector ‘Zafar Iqbal’

Shahadat of DHA Vigilance Field Inspector 'Zafar Iqbal'Zafar Iqbal, a DHA Vigilance Field Inspector laid down his life in line of his duty during an encounter with dacoits that took place in a bungalow located at Kh-e-Bahria in DHA Phase-VII on Thursday morning here today.

According to the reports an information was received at DHA Control Room at about 0745 hours on Thursday morning that three dacoits had made hostage the residents of a bungalow located at Kh-e-Bahria. Nearest DHA mobile was immediately dispatched which reached the scene of the incident before Police.

Field Inspector Zafar Iqbal entered the bungalow, encountered a dacoit and over-powered him bare handed. However, another dacoit, hiding inside the house, fired at the Field Inspector from a pistol, who received nine bullets, including one on his head which proved fatal. The Field Inspector embraced Shahadat on the spot.

The Police reached the scene of the incident after the fatal encounter and apprehend two fleeing dacoits. Zafar Iqbal, a retired Subedar of Pak army was a Field Inspector in DHA Vigilance. He has left behind a widow and two children to mourn.

Administrator DHA, Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi said that Zafar Iqbal fought with the dacoits fearlessly showing exemplary courage and devotion solely to protect the residents. He said that the rare act of valour and chivalry displayed by the Field Inspector is a source of inspiration and pride for DHA Vigilance. Dir Vigilance Col (R) Muhammad Amjad reiterated that DHA Vigilance would continue to provide secure and safe environment to residents with professional exuberance and dedication in future as well.

The Administrator said that DHA would do everything possible within its resources for the welfare and well-being of the family of the deceased Field Inspector. He said that the deceased inspector deserved all honour and reverence for his heroic act of devotion beyond the call of his duty.

The dead body of the Field Inspector was later dispatched to his native town Talagang for burial.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

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  1. Adnan Sanni says:

    Dear incharge vigilance ,

    My precious carpets and paintings r stolen by zahoor Hussein , Zagheer , muhammad Nawaz,Kulsooom from my house 132 d block 4 Clifton

    Zahoor Hussein is committing crimes in the area and has stolen my panting and carpets and car parts .

    Zahoor Hussein , Zagheer , nawaz shareef r responsible fir stealing panting carpets from my house 132 d block 4 Clifton

    Zahoor Hussein is working n 29 c street 24 touheed commercial could be nvolve in various other such stealing activities

    With best regards

    • Adnan Sanni says:

      To I nchrge vigilance kindly strictly secretly vigilance the activities of zahoor Hussein working at 29 c street 24 touheed commercial phase 5 stealing my precious carpets and panting s from muppets house 132 d BALCK 4 Clifton with Zagheer nawaz shareef

      My father major rtd muhammad Sanni is out of the country so kindly keep a strict vigilance on the property 29 c street 24 touheed commercial phase 5

      Kindly note all the crimes r the joint venture of police and criminals in dha

      With best regards Adnan 03124225402

  2. Adnan Sanni says:

    My brother dr noaman Sanni house on hafiz and Muhafiz corner 2000 is in USA kindly maintain a strict vigilance b the oroperty and blue

    Regards Adnan 03124225402

  3. Adnan Sanni says:

    May Allah bless him and he should be awarded nishandhyder Miriam

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