SHEEP – Ensemble for Modern Women

What to wear with a closet full of clothes is torture for women and young girls. A million dollar question every female is prone to asking: ‘What should I wear?’ Women get contemptuous looks for being so indecisive about a pair of shoes or when matching clothes with accessorizes.

In the women’s defense, dressing up to perfection requires an exhaustive thought process; the time of the day, event, season, colours of the season, all of which have to be taken into account before selecting an ensemble. Thus it is a magnanimous task to pick out the right dress with the right accessories for the right occasion. Unlike men, women cannot pick out clothes at random without paying attention to the finer details, because for a woman- clothes say a lot.

SHEEP - Ensemble for Modern WomenNoteworthy here would be that women from all walks of life- be it stay-at-home mums, working women, or young girls for that matter- are always on the hunt for something contemporary to fit their out of the blue dressing needs. Finding the right ensemble to wear during the day light hours has become monumental for women; reason being, this time of the day is dedicated solely to their own purposes and work. An outlet offering a casual and pret clothing line for women is just the solution to a dooms call of having nothing to wear.

Lo and behold; SHEEP is a ready to wear clothing outline designed to cater to the modern day woman who values real quality over perceived quality. SHEEP’s flagship store is located at Zamzama, while another store is on the first floor at Dolmen Mall Clifton.

Address # 01: 7th Commercial Street, Zamzama, DHA Karachi. 021-35371226-7
Address # 02: Dolmen Mall Clifton, 1st Floor, Block 4, Marine drive, Clifton. 021-35294234

Since the time of inception till to date- SHEEP has been the choice of the modern women. Offering an extensive range; of Black Sheep (evening wear), luxury pret, smart casual and classics, SHEEP is the shop to visit.

SHEEP - Ensemble for Modern Women

Modern women; a term often used to define women who prefer contemporary lightly embroidered clothes to those traditionally laden with work. Clothes at SHEEP range from anywhere between Twenty five hundred (2500) to Fifteen Thousand (15,000); a sum not many will be comfortable to pay for daily office wear.

Clothes from SHEEP are just what working women need, formal with extra finesse. Now is the time for all such women to head out to the SHEEP outlets and bag the best clothing line on SALE. Right now, at this very moment, SHEEP is host to a SALE.

SHEEP - Ensemble for Modern Women

A sale at SHEEP is literally a dream come true for many. Pret and smart casuals are up for grabs; in all sizes for now. A new year new you sale at SHEEP is a must visit. Women will find clothes appropriate for their office, coffee morning and any other event during the day. The outlets are seen thronged by women and young girls for the right ensemble. A kurta from bought can be easily matched in contrast with palazzo and tights from SHEEP only.

SHEEP is the outlet to visit; a one stop outlet catering to the needs of the modern woman of today.

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