Shopping Spree at Fifth Avenue Clothing

Window shopping is what women and girls love, passing by brightly lit displays flashing dazzling ensembles in traditional and contemporary designs brings a euphoric feeling similar to that of real love. For shopaholics it can be torture while for the rest it is pure eye candy.

Best Shopping Malls in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Stylish western wear is always in fashion and very much in demand owing to the unseasonal stay of winters in Karachi. Return of the winter chills in Karachi means one thing- shopping furthermore for winter accessories. Surprisingly this winter chill is welcomed by most while some have further gone in hibernating until the next sunshine.

Winter crazy people are out and about making statements with their attires. This here is time for them to make use of all those bundled up winter wear. Hoodies and jackets have become essential style statements with the gorgeous ankle length boots; a complete winter ensemble for girls. However the men are not far behind in this race; they have adorned themselves in jackets complemented by coloured trousers, adding a fair bit of brightness to the grey winter mornings. Fashion statements are often costly and heavy on the pocket for most of the people; leaving them with the choice to wait for birthdays or winter clearance sales.

Fifth Avenue Clothing - Clifton Karachi

Fifth Avenue is a store that is creating ripples since it started, when the concept of locally branded western wear was unknown here in Pakistan. Offering stylish western wear throughout the year for all seasons, it serves as a one stop shop for the young. Shopping here is often restrained for most by the size of the pockets, but the periods of waiting and longing are over.


Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi
021- 35360111

Emerald Tower, 2 Talwar, Clifton, Karachi.

The Ocean Mall, 2 Talwar, Clifton, Karachi.

Unbelievably true, the store is offering a the grand sale discounts of up to 70% on all the winter products and this is for starters- flat discounts of 50% on jeans for women and men while a 30% flat discount on new arrivals is up for grabs. Astonishing? Yes! Wasting time in wondering if this really true would be a sheer waste of opportunity.

Stylish coloured jeans are in vogue for their eccentric colours which will brighten up any day or dull morning- available for both men and women. Fifth Avenue has revolutionized the styles of jackets- jackets have gone from fat and bulky to slim fit with studs or strapped around with chunky or sleek leather belts.

An ensemble for women is incomplete without a trendy hand bag; the ones available at Fifth Avenue are sure to fit any occasion whether formal or causal. Available in bright colours like blue, yellow and red, these hand bags are the must haves for this winter season. With the cold biting at the toes, not many will opt for open shoes or sandal, instead the ankle or long boots edged with fur will prove to be better foot wear choices- both elegant and confortable.

Excitingly all of these items are available at astonishingly huge discount prices. Fashion statements with Fifth Avenue are the way to roll. Thus without further ado head out and shop at the nearest outlets in Park Towers or Ocean Mall!!

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