Shopping Spree for Young Girls at ‘Wrap N Grab’

Women pay a lot of attention to details when dressing up; for them looking nice and having a fashion statement of their own is important. Though they may pick ideas from the latest magazines and designers, but at the end, they will twist the fashion and add a personal touch.

Something that would make the look more personalized- a look they own when worn. Well it is what every woman strives for in terms of the fashion. So when young girls look up to their mothers, they see idols in them. The fashion statement of the mothers is copied by the young daughters from a very early stage; young girls tend to wear their mother’s too large shoes, apply the lip colours and pretend to dry their nails. Thus as these girls grow up, they are naturally attracted to the art of dressing up and makeups because they have seen their mothers get ready for weddings, dinners and parties.

Similarly young girls will copy their mothers in every aspect, often begging for similar clothing style or shoes with the bling. Mothers enjoy dressing up their daughters because the clothing variety and accessories available for young girls is far more than that available for the boys. Dressing up girls with accessories is cute, but mothers place a strict limit on what is permissible at a young age; a restriction rightly placed because if small girls dressed up like teenagers it would take away their fun and innocence.

Valentine Galore at 'Wrap N Grab' - Park Towers Clifton Karachi

Thus there has to be a place where young girls can splurge on accessories without crossing the placed lines and yet looking smart at the same time. Mothers, welcome to ‘Wrap n Grab’ located on the ground floor of Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi.

This retail outlet with its astounding variety will have the girls and the mother going crazy as they see row after row of novelty accessories. To begin with will be the rows of head bands in unimaginable design and colours- for school, formal dinners or fancy dress parties, these head bands will be the perfect accessory to keeping the hair in place and looking stylish.

Similarly the variety of pins and clips available for hair is mesmerizing. Available in vibrant colours with tiny designs perched on top or simple plain black pins with polka dots for dresses would confuse the girls to a huge degree becasue they will not be able to pick one.

Tiny earrings or studs for young girls- nothing too big or flashy- are in stock, these not only look formal but make pretty accessories for occasions. Tiny wallets and handbags to complement dresses will complete the look. Wrap n Grab is not just for the young girls- pre teens and teenage girls will find this place a heaven for all their accessory needs.Thus be it any occasion, mothers and daughters can dress up and complement each dress with accessories from Wrap n Grab.

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