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Hungry? Order one of the juicy burgers or a steak sandwich with a generous helping of fries and coleslaw. Oh what a meal. Hunger pangs satisfied but what about the culinary experience? Being hungry is one thing and settling for the thick meat chunky rounds of grilled beef is compromise.

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No contradicting the fact that burgers have taken over the culinary world and palate of the people here in K-town- these thick juicy burgers are a quick easy meal delivered at the door step. Convenience of enjoying burgers in the comforts of home. Burgers can never go out of the culinary world, they are here to stay partly because the people are used to consuming them.

Who does not love a complete meal with the convenience and burgers are doing just that. While K-town is in the midst of burger wars wherein home based and international fast food chains are trumping over one another with new flavors and attractions. The people are all for the greater variety when it comes to the prevailing burger wars. But quite honestly there should be more to food than just a thick juicy beef patty smothered in mayo and cheese and an over load of fries.

Amidst the grease dripping beef wars, a simple bowl of noodles in a classic curry seems a tad bit under rated. The point in case being that people tend to overlook and trash the simplest of culinary dishes without a taste which in reality are bowls full of flavor. To gain the extraordinary culinary experiences one must step out of the boundary of comfort to taste what the world has to offer.

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Bearing the same thought in mind, it is time to unravel the simply exotic flavors of Burma. Burmese food is simple but bursting full of flavors- a specialty is Khao Suey. Today the best Khao Suey are being served by Simple Dimple which is located at 26th Commercial Street.

Address: 26th Commercial Street, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35304236, 021-35379940, 0333-3776900

Simple Dimple has emerged as one of the most loved eateries amongst the burger wars. Surprisingly the people have gravitated towards the concept of Burmese food for two reasons: it is a healthy choice and a fresh change from the burgers and steaks. Khao Suey is a classic Burmese dish which is made up of noodles immersed in a spicy meat curry and coconut milk; the flavors are true to the cuisine of Burma.

Khao Suey can opted in the choices of chicken, beef, prawn, tofu or vegetable. There is also the option of Thai-Style Khao Suey which are far spicier than the Burmese version. The Khao Suey are served with various condiments such as chilli flakes, lemon, chili oil and fried noodles.

The Burmese and Thai Khao Suey experience will have the people reeling in for more over and over again. From the starters prawn tempura and cupid prawns are must have’s for anyone who loves sea food. This weekend give Simple Dimple a try and you will never not regret it

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