[Sindh Festival 2014] Desi Donkey Derby at DHA Karachi (Phase 08)

Sindh Festival 2014

Mules are not just some people’s bread and butter – they are their racing buddies. Karachi has for long witnessed the famous Thursday night donkey cart races but we have never known the names of the winning donkeys and their jockeys. Thanks to the Sindh Festival we can all root for the million-rupee donkey in this year’s Desi Donkey Derby.

Sindh Festival was conceived because Sindh’s rich heritage and culture is in danger. Mohenjo-Daro, the world’s oldest planned urban landscape, lies in a state of disrepair, a victim of neglect and indifference. It is but one of a myriad of sites of antiquity scattered across Sindh and Pakistan which need attention now if they are not to be lost forever.

Through a celebration of all things Sindhi, from Sufi raag, to art, to fashion, film and everything in between, Sindh Festival seeks to preserve, promote and protect the rich heritage and culture entrusted to us by extensive and colourful history. By bringing people together to raise awareness of past, revive waning traditions in the present and rejoice in future, the Sindh Festival will initiate the process of protection and conservation necessary to safeguard unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage for generations to come.

Location: DHA Phase 8, Karachi (close to Sahil).
Date: 4th February, 2014

Now imagine the carts painted in bright colors, each jockey in a sporty uniform and each donkey with his own ID number running flat out races in a temporary created race track with bright lights and thousands of fans cheering them along.

[Sindh Festival 2014] Desi Donkey Derby at DHA Karachi (Phase 08) (1) [Sindh Festival 2014] Desi Donkey Derby at DHA Karachi (Phase 08) (2)

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