Skin Jamming – Gadgets Gone Trendy!

Technological warfare has stepped down from drones and missiles and landed in our laps in the form of smart phones, tablets and laptops. With the passage of time as technology advances, gadgets tend to become smaller, thinner and far more rapid at processing information than before.

With a smart phone, the world is literally under the thumb- bridging gaps and connecting the information sharing circuits. In a matter of mere minutes, data can be transmitted from one end of the world to another. Distance of miles is now traveled in seconds to get in touch or retrieve information from the most god forsaken place imaginable. If there is internet connectivity, the world ahead is limitless with these smart gadgets.

SkinJam Karachi - iPhone, iPod, Laptop, Blackberry and iPad SkinsOur lives now revolve and function around these technological trinkets which have us humans captivated. A day without a smart phone or a trip without a laptop or tablet is considered as a trek in the wilderness. To say the least, it feels like one has cut away from the world outside. Such has become our lives. For better or for worse that is yet for us to know and our generations to see. As of now, it would be a treat to customize these personal gadgets as per our preferences in terms of looks.

Of course a customized iPhone or Tablet is not possible yet, but we can add ‘skins’ to make them look a cool and attractive. Most of the covers available for these smart gadgets are dull and boring; a twist to this is now available. Welcome to Skin Jamming located at the Dolmen Mall Clifton and Forum.

SkinJam is a company founded in the year 2006, dedicated to providing customized covers and skins for Smart Phones, iPods, Tablets and Laptops. An international chain- SkinJam has now made a rock and roll start here in Pakistan as teenagers and adults flock to their stations with the intentions of customizing their gadgets. The skins provided are durable but removable, so once the fashion or liking is over, it can be easily peeled off and new one reinstated in its place. Slightly costly but then again that is the price one pays for making a personalized fashion statement.

Smart phone covers can be covered in contemporary or traditional designs, if that is not enough; a personal idea, concept or picture can be handed over to be transferred to the skin. A new crush or a favourite football team is just a step away from being part of your gadgets. These skins tend to make excellent birthday presents for friends, spouses and siblings. Since these gadgets are essential and are in use by nearly everyone; the money spent is well utilized. If unsure of what to get on your customized gadget skin or cover and experimenting is not an option- feel free to flick through the designs available at the station. Among the many available- a few are sure to click as the ones meant for you.

Hurry up and head out to the SkinJam stations to make a personalized fashion statement with your gadgets. You do not want to be the last one to catch up with a hot fad.

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