Smog Day organized at Defence Authority SKBZ College

Environmental degradation is one of the major issues being experienced globally whose one of the perilous after-impact is smog. A Smog Day was organized at Defence Authority SKBZ College Auditorium to create awareness of smog, its hazardous effects and its precautionary measures in students. Wife of Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali was the chief guest of the function.


It is worth mentioning that Lahore and its adjoining districts is engulfed with dense blanket of smog these days causing harmful atmospheric pollution, reduced visibility, irritation of eyes and respiratory problems. The smog contains toxic chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide and other poisonous pollutants which is extremely harmful for health. The smog or thick fog is believed to be due to cross border emissions of air pollutant, less downpour, unsafe operation of steel mills and unabated construction work causing intense dust and air pollution.


The students highlighted the hazardous effects of smog in from the presentations, speeches and different skits. The school choir presented national songs on the occasion. Students and experts including medics made very informative, interesting and useful speeches on the subject.


The medics stressed on the precautionary measures which should be taken in smoggy weather suggesting the citizens to avoid roaming outdoors without wearing optics and masks, drinking excessive (2 to 2.5 liters) of water daily, shutting down windows of houses tightly, covering head with light cotton gear, taking cool shower, washing eyes repeatedly, using moist towel and avoiding running and exercising in open air. They said special care should be taken of children because this may lead to asthma, eye and throat irritation.


The chief guest appreciated the innovative and novel presentation made by students to highlight the contemporary problem of atmospheric smog in an effective, imaginative and realistic manner. She also distributed prizes among the students who showed calibre and promise in presentation of the variety programme.

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