Snack Attack at The Place!

The Place” located in Phase-VIII, DHA Karachi has become the talk of the town since its inception. A project which began as a cinema venture expanded by ten folds into a ginormous eatery and movie hub. Initially “The Place” created waves for the humungous cinema theatres which completely revamped the face and experience of cinemas for the people of K-town.

List of Food Outlets at The Place

Cinema goer’s audience was limited to a bunch of teens and some adults partly because of the movies being shown and the location of the cinemas. With the waves created by “The Place” for being a one stop movie, entertainment and food hub, there was hardly any space left for any other entertainment which could all be packed together under one roof in a comfortable and secure environment.

Snack Attack - The Place, Phase 08, DHA Karachi

“The Place” offers a complete food court floor wherein each day a new eatery is opening its doors to the hungry movie buffs and the entertainment starved audiences. Recently Snack Attack a well reputed food hub from Bahadurabad just opened up at “The Place.”

Interestingly as the name suggests- Snack Attack- that is exactly what needs to be done. After a movie or before a movie irrespective of which show it is- hunger pangs are bound to hit given the extreme adrenaline rush and excitement. So for all the movie hunger pangs- movie goer’s can simple drop by the food court and follow the posters around to a large brightly lit counter of Snack Attack. What next? Attack!!

The plethora of dishes available at Snack Attack are spell binding. Surely the customers will gaggle and drool at the mere sight of the juicy burgers, crispy fried chicken or the delicious sandwiches. The menu at Snack Attack is set apart from the others because of the sheer size and quality of food. Snack Attack has already gathered a fan following at ‘The Place’ as people head straight to the eatery to tuck in to a thick crispy chicken burger which is far more flavorful than the fast food chains worshipped for years.

As of now plan a movie at ‘The Place’ and right after head to Snack Attack for what else but SNACK ATTACK!!! The meal is worth the money paid and service is fairly prompt given the high volumes of orders. A meal at Snack Attack will never be for once because there will be the cravings for more and more. Quite honestly if a movie is not of interest then a lunch or dinner at Snack Attack is one good way to get out of routines for a really good time.

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