A tale to be told begins thus; it is a tradition as old as time itself. Family and friends gather for meals, and share their stories. Tales so told have served to define human existence through history-from caves to campfires and from cafes to castles. From village square to ships on the high seas and from with in our very homes to modern restaurants.

Sobremesa, located in poshest area of modern Defence, Karachi with busy streets of vehicles and heavy traffic with mesmerizing main door styling. Actually praise worthy place for those with pure food indulgence in mind, should come at Sobremesa to taste their desires with their ever changing internationally and seasoning inspired small plates. With lots of different foods and the love and sensation that brings with each and every dish comes true.

Authentic place serving deep dish pizzas with madly extra cheese topping and ultimate desire that instantly make your stomach growl. Restaurant never comes on higher rank without efforts of its peoples, as management and well trained staff are really kind enough with purely humble and generous behaviour; Always ready to serve what demand you have without letting you wait so long. 

At restaurant after entering this place, the remarkable ambiance spellbound and mesmerized you with its magical environment. Pretty decent captivating and set an auspiciously different vibe, especially the theme of dim light at your table to make romantic and sensational environment by giving privacy as well. The vibe you get match a relevant indication of how much the pieces of heaven- food in this case- on your plate matters. Ironically an ideal place with warm and sophisticated ambiance with proper seating arrangement, comfy furniture, wall art and last but not the least antique decor items all give you relaxation. 

Sobremesa is basically popular as pizzeria, that doing things different from the traditional pizzerias from making to serving at all. Renowned as first brand with authentically lip-smacking deep dish pizza introductory place in K-town. Using old is gold saying; as all traditional tactics and strategies bring out the finest rendition of pizza without any hindering with traditional taste. Straight from the street of Italy to the heart of Karachi, using wooden oven for baking and giving phenomenal burnt wood hint that goes exceptionally well with the flavours and contrast. A huge amount of cheese will instantly made a smooth yet stringy texture to satisfy your desire with mouth-watering taste buds. 

At Sobremesa, no hygienic issues ever happened as management work thoroughly for providing proper healthy environment. A renowned brand with succulent and branded flavours of spices and herbs bought from specifically popular places and most spices directly came from Italy as well. They have their own specific butcher shop with freshly cut meats and have poultry arrangement to get chicken as well at any time. 

Dreamy place for fine dining experience with family or friends. Giving an exquisite metaphor about fine dining, ultimate food richness, blend of unique tantalizing flavours and succulent taste of accurate baked pizza. Considered a good choice for healthy outdoor feast.

Restaurant menu includes Starter, Soup, Burgers, Sandwiches, Green & Bowl, Pasta, Steaks, Pizza, Kids Meal, Grilled Chicken, Mocktails, Hot & Cold Beverages, Dessert, BEBIDAS De Leche, with their signature slogan deep dish pizza. Basically serving as Continental, Mediterranean cuisine centre for lunch, diner or just for coffee. Their speciality and most popular dishes basically have GAMBAS DE ESPANA, GRAYEN DEL MAR, CATALAN BBQ SLIDER, PEPPER STEAK & CUCUMBER COOLER as starter. All cuisine have perfect combination of nutritional facts with control calories diet for waist watcher so they can easily enjoy their meal with no worries. 

Restaurant also offer other facilities to entertain its customers and generate more traffic for its place. Online reservation, delivery, vallet parking, acceptability of credit card, free WI-FI, outdoor sitting area, with completely separate menu on vegetarian cuisine for veggie lovers. Perfect place for enjoying international cuisine with purely warm ambiance with innovative serving styles at very reasonable and affordable price range. At Sobremesa, per head cost should be range under PKR: 600 to 1570 seems not to bad to fill your stomach till your throat with tongue-tantalizing taste buds of satisfied food.

Address: 46-C, Lane 01, Bukhari Commercial Area, Near Ali Masjid and Naushemian, Phase 6, D.H.A, Karachi  Pakistan-75500
Phone: (021) 35241136


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