Soft Launch Party of Sindbad Xtreme at Dolmen Mall Clifton

Sindbad, one of Pakistan’s oldest amusement parks organized a ‘Soft Launch Party’ held at Dolmen Mall, Clifton to commemorate the occasion. The event attracted many media celebrities and they enjoyed the rides with great fun along their families.

Operating in Pakistan since 1991, under the umbrella of the Dolmen Group, Sindbad’s Wonderland is a household name and a pioneer in the family entertainment industry of Pakistan.

Have a look to the ‘Soft Launch Party of Sindbad Xtreme at Dolmen Mall Clifton’ below:

Address: Dolmen City, HC 3, Block 4, Marine Drive, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan
Contact number: (021) 111 362 111

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  1. Bilal Alvi says:

    Great initiative for the kids!

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