Solo Exhibition by ‘Goshi Minwalla Masnata’ at Alliance française de Karachi

GOSHI’S JOURNEYS – LES VOYAGES DE GOSHI, a solo exhibition by Goshi Minwalla Masnata is going to be held on Saturday, 11th January 2014 from 6.00pm onwards at the Art Gallery of Alliance française de Karachi.

Solo Exhibition by 'Goshi Minwalla Masnata' at Alliance française de Karachi

About Goshi Minwalla Masnata

Goshi Minwalla Masnata was born in Karachi in 1930. Travelling to Europe and Latin America with her husband Silvio Masnata, the Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan, Goshi had the opportunity to see the best that artists all over the world have produced. In 1999 she returned to Switzerland and during trips to a winter home in the south of France, she found inspiration in the special light and the beauty of the country and started painting as a hobby.

Goshi Masnata is entirely self-taught. But having spent many hours in museums and galleries, she has, in a manner of speaking, learned from the best. This is evident from her collection of paintings exhibited at the Alliance Française de Karachi, Saturday 11 January 2014. One can see them as a series of conversations and dialogues with the art of the Fauves, Derain and Matisse, with Post Impressionism and more recently, Abstract Expressionism. Dialogues because they are not simply a homage – Goshi’s own voice is evident in these conversations. Each of her paintings represents a personal story – a place or a moment that has affected her by its structure, its colour – the movement of tangled branches, the starkness of snow, the riot of autumn colours, or a quiet moment in a garden.

Primarily a formalist, her paintings reveal their story through colour, composition, form and texture. The narrative in her paintings is the artist’s eye. Spending winters in Karachi now, Goshi Masnata, for all her years, is a refreshing new comer to the art world of Pakistan and clearly her work has the potential to bring back painterly qualities gently challenging the domination of the miniature.

Goshi has only one regret. She wishes she could have studied art with a good teacher and not waited to start painting at the age of 70.

Address: Alliance française de Karachi, Plot/St-1, Block 8, Kehkashan, Clifton, near Teen Talwar, Karachi.

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