Special 1 Month Advance Guitar Course by Zeeshan Mansoor at T2F

The Second Floor presents
Special One Month Advanced Guitar Course

8 intensive classes with Zeeshan Mansoor (Shani of Malang Party!)

If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level this is for you!

At the end of these classes students will have a better understanding of the fret board, come to grips with unusual chord shapes and scales, as well as learn some blues, jazz, funk, soul, reggae and afro-beat style intricacies.

Course Outline:

– Playing Intervals
– Harmonizing Major Scale
– Triads
– Sevenths (Major, Minor, Dom, Half Dim)
– Understanding Modes
– Circle Of Fifth
– Comping Chords
– Sus Chord
– Diminished Scale
– Diminished Chords v
– Augmented Scale
– Augmented Chords
– Chord Inversions
– Melodic Minor Scale
– Chords from Melodic Minor Scale
– Harmonic Minor Scale
– Chords from Harmonic Minor Scale
– Chords and Melody
– Blues Standards
– Jazz Standards
– Alternate Picking
– Hybrid Picking
– Sweep Picking
– Slide Guitar

Starting date: Friday 19th April, 2019
Last Date: Sunday, 12th May, 2019
Sunday: 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM
Friday: 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Registration Fee: Rs.5000/-

***The workshop is open to 20 participants. They have a first come, first served policy, please come in and sign up at T2F (between Monday – Friday | 1pm-6pm) or send them an email at info@peaceniche.org***

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